Are Chinese Motorcycle Fairings any good in 2021?

How should the fairing be molded for a perfect fit?

This is generally standard practice as it isn’t hard to get stock fairing molds, but it is still worth it to make sure. An OEM injection mold means that the mold the ABS is being poured into is the same mold a brand new Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki, etc would be using. This means you will have a 100% fit when installing your new Fairing. stay clear from compression-molded plastic fairings as they will not fit right.

How the kit should be packaged and shipped

Something super simple but to double check anyway. How your bike’s new fairings will be shipped. Things can get bumpy so make sure it will be properly packaged. We recommend that the box should be at least 7 layer corrugated boxes and double wrapped in a pearl cotton pack.


How much should you be paying for quality aftermarket fairings?

In terms of pricing, you really shouldn’t be going any lower for any full fairing set than $550 AUD. The more common a bike is, the cheaper its fairing kit will be. Models like the Kawasaki Ninja or a Honda CBR will obviously be cheaper due to them being so popular. Models like BMW or Ducati will definitely be more expensive as they are a lot less of them on the road which means producing fairings for these motorcycle models costs more. 

We recommend to price check and do a quality check with multiple vendors before you make your purchasing decision. 

Check Customer Reviews and Testimonials

Have a look at the business Facebook and google my business page. These will have unique user reviews that can’t be deleted. If you see some negative reviews that the fairings are melting there is a good chance that it could happen to you. Do not trust testimonials on a website as they’re easily faked. A quality Fairing supplier should have tons of positive testimonials and feedback from the community. If they don’t it’s better to steer clear and find a different supplier. 

Call or email the business

If you’re really unsure about the quality of the company, give them a call or an email and see how they respond. You can never be too sure. 

General TIPS for buying Aftermarket Fairings

In the end, what matters…

If you follow our checklist and check each category it won’t be difficult to find the correct supplier that matches OEM quality. While you’re here check out our range right here.

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