How much does it cost to paint your Motorcycle?

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How much does it cost to paint your Motorcycle?

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There is no set price for how much a motorcycle paint job will cost. The price of your paint job will depend on what you need to be painted, how difficult the job will be. In this guide, we’ll explain the different costs for various types of paint jobs.

The paint brand you decide to use as well as the motorcycle being painted, will play a large part in how much the overall cost of the paint job. 

Low quality paint will obviously cost less, paint for brands such as Harley and BMW will cost a lot more than their budget friendly counterparts like Suzuki and Honda.

If you’re going to hire a professional, take the parts that you want off your bike and sand away the paint yourself, it will save you a lot of money when you receive the quote. Half the job will be sanding off the old paint before it’s ready for the new coat.

General prices for different types of paint jobs

  • Regular paint job  $300-$1500
  • Custom Paint Job cost ? $600 – $3000
  • Custom Painted Fairing kit ordered from a factory $500 – $700
  • DIY, Repaint it in your own garage ? $100-$500

How much will a regular paint job for my motorcycle cost? $300-$1500

If you’ve decided to hire a professional it’s a pretty simple process, a regular paint job will cost between $300 and $1500 depending on how much of the bike you’re wanting to be painted. 

How much you’re charged will depend on the paint quality that is used, ask what paint they use and fact check the brand that they’re not using some shabby knock off.

The cost of the job will greatly depend if you bring the entire bike to the shop, or the individual fairings sanded down without any paint left on them. The most time consuming process of a paint job is removing the old paint coat. If you turn up with your entire bike at the shop it’s going to cost a lot more for you compared to if you complete half the job at home. 

How much will a custom paint job for my bike cost? $600-$3000

If you’re looking to catch eyeballs as you fly by and have the cash to spare, a custom paint job is for you. It will generally cost between $600 and $3000 depending on what you’re wanting but this means you can get whatever designs you want.t. 

Now the same rules apply as DIY and a regular paint job. If you turn up with the entire bike at the shop it’s gonna cost more, than if you take the parts off that you want to be painted and sand them down yourself. Double-check the paint brands the shop uses so you don’t get sharked, and depending on the bike brand, e.g Harley, It may cost more.

How much does a Custom Painted Aftermarket kit cost? $550–$750

If you’re looking for specific designs, like a picture of a character for example then you won’t be able to order a fairing kit. If you’re looking for any type of color scheme or just a regular paint job then you’re in luck as ordering an aftermarket fairing kit is by far your best option.

Now of course you must order from a reputable supplier, as you don’t want to purchase anything that’s cheap and crappy. A fairing kit will be cheaper than going to a professional to repaint a full kit. It will cost a little more than painting it yourself and the quality of the fairing and the paint will be that of a professional. 

Now I know you’re thinking but how do I know if they’re quality fairings or not? Well, we wrote a guide on how to choose the correct fairing supplier to buy from.

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DIY $100-$500

Depending on how much you want to be painted, doing the job yourself will run you between $100-$50. The quality could be on par to that of a professional or a new aftermarket fairing kit if….. you’re good enough. On the same token you could completely mess it up and have to start again from scratch. 

The largest cost for a DIY job is going to be the paint you purchase, tools may or may not be needed depending on what you’re painting. If you’re using custom metal decals the price is going to cost a lot more, unless they’re already designed such as vinyl, metal or plastic decals. 

Painting your bike is definitely doable but you do need the right tools and knowledge, so follow a trusted guide, when it comes to repainting a motorcycle yourself. You need to be patient and not cut corners. The key is to practice with the paint gun.

So those are your options, if you’re looking for some custom designs then going to a professional is your best bet, if its a regular paint job or something simple ordering an aftermarket fairing kit or a DIY job are both worthwhile choices.

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