Motorcycle Oil Filter Cross Reference and Look up

Written By Higgins Cooper1


To look up a specific oil Filter press the keys ‘Control’ and ‘F’ Proceed to search for your bike brand and model. -If your chosen motorcycle has the reference [5], look at the bottom table in the [5] section for the details on your oil filter. Same if your chosen motorcycle has the reference [2].
-Are motorcycle oil filters universal? No, they are not universal. This Oil Filter Look up will tell you what you need for your bike.
Aprilla Oil Filters
350 ETX/Tuareg 1985-1990HF151600 Tuareg 1988-1993HF151
6.5 Moto 1995-2001HF151650 Pegaso 2000-2004HF151
650 Pegaso 2005-2014HF145600 Tuareg 1988-1993HF151
Caponord 1000 2001-2008HF564Falco 1000 2000-2006HF564
RTS 1000 Futura 2001-2006HF564RSV 1000 2003-2008HF564
RSV 1000 2009-2015[2]Tuono 1000 2003-2010HF564
Tuono 1100 2015[2]
Arctic Cat Oil Filters Calsci Motorcycle Windshields
250 2×4, 250 4×4 1999-2002CH6066280 2×4, 280 4×4 1998CH6066
300 2×4, 300 4×4 1999-2002CH6066371 2×4, 371 4×4 1998[2]
375 2×4, 375 4×4 AUTOMATIC 2002[2]400 2×4, 400 4×4 1999-2002[2]
454 2×4, 454 4×4 1998[2]Bearcat 2×4, Bearcat 4×4 1996-1997[2]
500 4×4, 500 4×4 AUTOMATIC 2000-2002[2]
BMW Oil Filters Calsci Motorcycle Windshields
R45, R60 1969-1972CH6060R60 1969-1984CH6060
C600 2012-2017[7]C650 2012-2017[7]
G650GS 2009-2015HF151G650 X 2007-2008HF151
F650CS 2002-2005HF151F650GS 2008-2012[7]
F650 Funduro 1993-2000HF151F650GS Dakar 2001-2007HF151
F650GS 2008-2009[7]F650GS 2010-2002[7]
R65 1978-1984CH6060R65 1985-1988CH6060
R65 LS 1978-1985CH6060K75 1985-1997[7]
F700GS 2013-2017[7]R75 1969-1984CH6060
F800 GT 2013-2017[7]F800 R, S, ST, GS 2006-2017[7]
R80G, S, ST 1981-1984CH6060R80 GS, R, RT, ST 1980-1995CH6060
R80G 1981CH6060R 90 1973-1976 w/oil coolerCH6062
R850C 1999-2001[7]R 90 1973-1976 w/o oil coolerCH6060
R850 GS, R, RT 1999-2004[7]R NINE T 2014-2016[7]
R900 RT 2010-2017[7]K100 LT, RS, RT 1983-1994[7]
1000 HP4 2013-2016[7]R100 RT 1976-1984 w/oil coolerCH6062
R100 GS R, RS, RT, PD 1986-1991CH6060R100 RT 1976-1984 w/o oil coolerCH6060
S1000 R, RR, XR[7]R100 S, T 1976-1984CH6060
K1 1989-1993[7]K1100, LT, RS 1990-1993[7]
R1100 R, RS, RT, S, GS 1993-2005[7]S1000RR, R, XR 1983-1993[7]
1200 HP2 2005-2011[7]K1200 GT, LT, R, RS, S, SE 1997-2008[7]
R1200 C, CL, GS, S, R, RT 1997-2016[7]K1300 GT, R, RS, S 2009-2016[7]
K1600GT, GTL 2014-2017[7]
Buell Oil Filters Calsci Motorcycle Windshields
Blast 2000-2007PH4967Firebolt XB9R 2003-2007PH4967
Lightning XB9S 2003PH4967RR1000 1987-1988[3]
Cyclone M2 1997-2002[3]Lightning X1 1999-2007[3]
Lightning S1 1996-1998[3]RR1200, RS/RSS1200 1989-1993[3]
Thunderbolt S3, S3T 1997-2001[3]Thunderbolt S2, S2T 1995-1996[3]
X1W White Lightning 2002[3]XB12S Lightning[3]
1125CR 2009-2010HF564
Can-Am Spyder Oil Filters Note: o-ring kits for SE5, SM5, SE6, SM6 available on Ebay, about $5. Calsci Motorcycle Windshields
Spyder RS, GS 2008-2016HF564Spyder RT 2010-2013HF564
Spyder RT 2014-2017HF556Spyder ST 2013-2016HF564
Spyder F3 2015-2017HF556Spyder F3-T 2015-2015HF556
Spyder SE5 998 Electric TransmissionHF559
Ducati Oil Filters Calsci Motorcycle Windshields
400 Monster 2001-2008[6]600 Monster 1991-2001[6]
620 Sport, Monster, Strada 2003-2006[6]659 Monster 2011-2012[6]
695,696 Monster, Strada 2007-2014[6]748, 748R, 748S 1994-2003[6]
750 Monster 1996-2002[6]750 Paso, Sport 1986-1990[6]
750 Sport 2001-2002[6]795,796 Sport, Monster 2010-2015[6]
800 Sport 2003[6]800SS 2003[6]
820,812 Hypermotard/Strada 2013-2016[6]821 Monster 2014-2016[6]
848 EVO / Streetfighter 2008-2016[6]Strada 851 1989-1992[6]
888 Strada 1992-1994[6]899 Panigale 2013-2016HF159
900 Monster 1993-2002[6]SS 900 1979-1985[6]
900 FE, MH IE 1998-2001[6]900 Sport 2002[6]
900 Super Sport, Light 1990-2002[6]907 IE 1992-1997[6]
907 Panigale 2016-2017HF159916 1994-1997[6]
916 Senna 1996-1998[6]916 SPS, Strada, Biposta 1993-1998[6]
916 ST4 1999-2003[6]SPS 916 1993[6]
944 ST2 1997-2003[6]959 Panigale 2016HF159
989 Desmosedici 2008[6]996 Biposta 1999[6]
996 Monster 2004-2006[6]996 R/S, Sport Touring 2001[6]
996 R, S, SPS, ST 1999-2005[6]998 R/S 2002-2003[6]
998 Testastretta 2007-2008[6]999 2003-2007[6]
Monster 1997-2007[6]Paso 1986-1990[6]
ST2 1998-2003[6]ST4 1999-2007[6]
Sport 2002[6]Superbike 1990-1997[6]
Supersport 1990-2002[6]1000 DS, SS, GT 2003-2010[6]
1000 Monster 2003-2008[6]1000 Biposta, Sport 2006-2009[6]
1098 S, R, Streetfighter 2007-2013[6]1100 Monster, Hypermotard 2008-2013[6]
1100 Multistrada 2007-2009[6]1198 Diavel 2011-2017[6]
1198 / 1199 Panigale 2012-2017HF1591200 Monster 2014-2016[6]
1200 Multistrada 2010-2016[6]1200 / 1299 Panigale 2015-2017HF159
Harley-Davison Oil Filters Calsci Motorcycle Windshields
XL Sportster 1984-2007[3]KH, XLH Sportster 1954-1978STP P7020
FL, FLH 1953-1982STP P7020FX (All Models) 1983-1987[3]
FX (All Models) 1971-1982STP P7020FXE,FXS,FXWG 1982-1986[6]
Evo 80″ 1984-1999[3]88″ 1999-2006[3]
96″ 2007-[3]V-Rod (all years)[5]
Husaberg Oil Filters Calsci Motorcycle Windshields
FE 250 2013HF655FE 250 2014HF652
FE 390, FE 501 2010-2012HF655FE 570, FS 570 2009-2012HF655
FX 450 2009-2011HF655FE 450 2009-2014HF655
FS/FE/FC 450 2004-2008HF155FS/FE/FC 550 2004-2008HF155
FS/FE 650 2004-2008HF255
Husqvarna Oil Filters Calsci Motorcycle Windshields
TXC 250 2009-2014HF563SM 250 2007HF563
FE / FC 250 2014-2016HF652TE/TXC 310 2009-2010HF563
TE/TXC 310 2011-2014HF116FC 350 / FE 350 2014-2016HF652
TE 410 1998-2001HF563TE 450 / TC 450 2002-2007HF563
SMR 449 / TC 449 / TE 449 2011-2014HF611QM 450 2007-2008HF563
FC 450 / FE 450 2014-2016HF655SM 450 2004-2007HF563
TC 450 / TCX 450 2008-2010HF563FE 501 2014-2016HF655
TC 450 / TCX 450 2008-2010HF563FE 501 2014-2016HF655
TXC510 2008-2010HF563TXC510 2011-2014HF611
SM 510 / TE 510 / TC 510 2003-2007HF563SMR511 / TE 511 2011-2014HF611
TE 610 / SM 610 1998-2001HF563TE 610 / SM 610 2006-2006HF563
TE 630 / SM 630 / SMS 630 2010-2011HF563
Honda Oil Filters Calsci Motorcycle Windshields
CBF125 2015-2016CH6015VT 125 Shadow 1999-2008CH6015
XL 125 V Varadero 2001-2014CH6015TRX 200 1990-1997CH6015
XR200R 1984-2001CH6015ATC250ES 1985-1987CH6015
ATC250SX 1985-1987CH6015NX250 1988-1990CH6015
CBR 250R 2011-2013CH6015CBX 250 RS 1983-2000CH6015
CRF 250L / M 2013-2015CH6015NX250 1988-1990CH6015
TRX250 Recon 1997-2001CH6015Sportrax 250EX 2001CH6015
TRX250X 1987-2000CH6015VTR250 Interceptor 1988-1990CH6007
XL250R 1984-1987CH6015XR250L 1991-1999CH6015
XR250R 1984-2007CH6015TRX300EX, FW 1988-2007CH6015
CB 300F 2015-2016CH6015CBR 300 2014-2016CH6015
ATC350X 1985-1986CH6015FourTrax 2000-2003CH6015
XL350R 1984-1985CH6015XR350R 1983-1987CH6015
CB350F 72-74CH6009CB400A Hondamatic 1978-1983CH6009
CB400F Super Sport 1989-1992[5]CB400F Super Sport 1976-1977CH6009
CB400SF Super Sport 2002-2005[5]CBX 400F 1983-1986CH6009
CB400T Hawk 1976-1981CH6009CB 400 A, N, NA, NB, NC 1975-1984CH6009
CM400C Custom 1979-1983CH6009CM400E 1980-1981CH6009
CM400T 1979-1981CH6009TRX400EX FM FW Sportrax 1995-2008CH6015
TRX 400 X 2009-2013CH6009TRX 400 FA/FGA 2004-2006CH6009
XR 400R 1996-2004CH6015VFR 400R 1987-1993[5]
NT 400 1988-1992[5]RVF 400 1994-1996[5]
VH400 FD 1983[1]CB 450 Twin 1978-1981CH6009
CB450SC Nighthawk 1982-1986CH6009CB450T Hawk 1982CH6009
CM450A Hondamatic 1982-1983CH6009CM450C Custom 1982CH6009
CM450 1982-1983CH6009CMX450C 1986-1987CH6009
TRX450S, TRX450XS 1998-1999CH6015S/ES 1998-2003CH6015
CB500 2013-2016[5]CB500 F 1971-1977CH6012
CBR500R 2013-2016[5]CB500 F 1971-1977CH6012
CX500 CBX 500 1978-1985CH6007CB500K 1971-1973CH6009
GL500 Silver Wing 1981-1982CH6007GB500 1988-1990CH6015
VF500C Magna 1984-1985[1]Rubicon 2001-2007CH6007
VT500C Shadow, Ascot 1983-1986[1]VF500F Interceptor 1984-1986[1]
XR500R 1981-1992CH6015CB550 1974-1983CH6009
CB600F 2003-2013[5]CBF 600N/S/ABS/Cowl 2004-2012[5]
CBR600F, F2, F3, F4, R, RR 1987-2016[5]VT600C Shadow VLX 1988-2007[5]
XL600R 1983-1988CH6015XL600V Transalp 1987-2000[5]
XR600R 1985-1999CH6015CB650 1979-1982CH6009
CB650C, LC, SC, SCC 1980-1992CH6012CB650SC Nighthawk 1982-1985CH6009
CBR650F 2014-2016[5]CB650 2014-2016[5]
CB650F2 1991-1992[5]CBR650F 2014-2016[5]
CX650T Turbo 1983CH6007CX650C Custom 1983CH6007
GL650I Silver Wing I 1983-1986CH6007TRX650F Rincon 2003-2007CH6007
NT 650 V Deauville 1998-2005[5]NT650 Hawk GT 1988-1991[5]
NX650 1988-1989CH6015XR650R 2000-2007CH6015
XR650L 1993-2016CH6015XL650 Translap 2001-2007[5]
XRV 650 African Twin 1988-1990[5]VF700C Magna, Sabre 1984-1987[1]
CB700SC Nighthawk S 1984-1986[1]CTX 700 2014-2016[5]
NC 700 2012-2016[5]VF700F 1984-1985[1]
NSA 700 DN-01 2008-2010[5]NT 700V/VA/VAA Deauville 2002-2012[5]
VF700C Interceptor 1984-1987[1]VFR700F Interceptor 1984-1987[1]
VT700C Shadow 1984-1987[1]CB750A AUTOMATIC 76-78CH6009
VFR700 Interceptor 1990-1992[5]XL 700 V Translap 2008-2012[5]
CB750F SUPER SPORT 1975-1982CH6012CB750K 1969-1983CH6012
CB750 2001-2002[5]CB750 1984-1986[1]
CB750 Nighthawk 1991-2007[5]CB750 Nighthawk 1976-1983CH6009
CB750C Custom 1980-1982CH6009CB750SC Nighthawk 1982-1983CH6009
NC750 2014-2016[5]VF750 Magna 1982-1983[1]
RVF750R, RC45 1994-1998[5]VF750 Magna 1990-2002[5]
VF750C Magna, Deluxe 1988[1]VF750C Magna, Deluxe 1982-1983[1]
VFR750C2 1997-1998[5]VF750CD Magna Deluxe 1994-1996[5]
VF750F Interceptor 1983-1986[1]VF750S Sabre 1982-1983[1]
VFR750F Interceptor 1988-1998[5]VT750 Shadow 1983-1987[1]
VT750 Shadow 1992[5]VT750 Shadow 1997-2016[5]
VT750 Aero 2004-2016[5]XRV750 Africa Twin 1990-2002[5]
PC800 Pacific Coast 1989-1998[5]VFR800Fi Interceptor 1998-2011[5]
VFR 800 X-B/C Crossrunner 2011-2016[5]VT800 Shadow 1987-1993[1]
CB900C Custom 1980-1982CH6009CB900F 919 2002-2007[5]
CB900F Super Sport 1981-1982CH6009CBR900R / RR 1992-2003[5]
CBR929RR 2000-2001[5]CBR954RR 2002-2003[5]
CB1000 1993-1997[5]CB1000 Custom 1983CH6009
CBF1000F 2006-2016[5]CB1000RR 2004-2016[5]
CBR1000S 2015-2016[5]CB1000R 2008-2015[5]
CBR1000F 1987-1999[5]VF 1000 F, R 1984-1986[1]
CRF1000 Africa Twin 2016[5]GL1000 Goldwing 1975-1980CH6009
RVT1000R RC51 2000-2006[5]VF1000F Interceptor 1984-1986[1]
VTR1000F Super Hawk 1998-2006[5]CBX 1979-1982CH6009
XL 1000 V Varadero 2003-2013[5]CB1100 2013-2016[5]
CB1100F Super Sport 1981-1983CH6009CBR1100XX 1997-2006[5]
GL1100 Goldwing 1980-1983CH6009GL1100A Gold Wing 1980-1985CH6009
GL1100I Gldwng Inter 1980-1983CH6009ST1100 1991-2003[5]
VF1100C Magna 1982-1986[1]VF1100S Sabre 1984-1985[1]
VT1100 Shadow 1989-2007[5]VT1100C Shadow 1985-1988[1]
VT1100 1995-2001[5]GL1200 Goldwing 1984-1987CH6009
VFR 1200X 2010-2016[5]CTX1300 2014-2016 1984-1987[5]
CB1300 2003-2013[5]VT1300 2010-2016[5]
ST1300, ST1300 ABS II 2003-2016[5]VTX1300 2003-2009[5]
GL1500 Goldwing 1988-2000[5]GL1500C Valkyrie 1997-2003[5]
GL1800 Gold Wing 2001-2016[5]VTX1800 2002-2008[5]
GL1800 Valkyrie 2014-2015[5]NRX1800 2004-2005[5]
Indian Oil Filters Calsci Motorcycle Windshields
Chief 1999-2013[3]Chief 2014-2018[5]
Roadmaster 2011-2013[3]Roadmaster 2014-2018[5]
Spirit 2001-2010[3]Spirit 2014-2018[5]
Chieftain 2011-2013[3]Chieftain 2014-2018[5]
Scout 2011-2013[3]Scout 2014-2018[5]
Springfield 2001-2010[3]
Kawasaki Oil Filters Calsci Motorcycle Windshields
125 Eliminator 1998-2009CH6015AN110 / AN112 2000-2011CH6015
KLX110 / KSR110 2002-2016CH6015KLX125 2010-2015CH6015
KLX140 2008-2016CH6015KLX150 2014-2015CH6015
KLT200 1980-1984CH6069KLF220 Bayou 220 1988-2002CH6070
KZ200 1977-1983CH6069KLF220 Bayou 220 1988-2002CH6070
EL250 Eliminator 1988-2003CH6012EX250 Ninja 1986-2012CH6012
EX250 Ninja 2014-2015CH6015GPX250R 1988-1989CH6012
KLR250 2003-2005CH6069KL250 1978-2005CH6069
KL250D KLR250 2000-2007CH6070KLF250 Bayou 2003-2006CH6070
KLR250 1985-2005CH6070KLT250 1978-1985CH6069
KLX250 1979-1982CH6069KSF250 Mojave 250 1987-2003CH6070
KZ250, CSR, LTD 1980-1983CH6069ZXR250 1991-1993[5]
ZZR250 1989-2001CH6012KAF300 Mule 520, 550 2005PH4967
KEF300 Lakota 1995-2002CH6070KLF300 Bayou 300,4×4 1986-2005CH6070
KVF300 Prarie 1999-2007[5]KLX300R 1997-2007CH6015
EX300 Ninja 2013-2016[5]ER300 2014-2015[5]
EX305B1 GPZ 198319-0251KZ305 CSR 81-8219-0251
KZ305 CSR BELT 87-8819-0251KVF360 Prairie 360 4×4 2003-2015[5]
EN400 1990-1992[1]EX400 1994-1995[1]
GPZ400 1985-1986CH6012KLE400 1991-1996[1]
KLH400 Bayou 400 4×4 1993-1999[5]KVF400 Prairie 400 4×4 1997-2002[5]
VN400 1995-2002[5]Z400 1978-1983CH6012
ZR400 1989-2008CH6012ZL400 1986-1995CH6012
KZ400 1974-1983CH6012ZXR400 1989-2002[5]
KZ440 1980-1988CH6012KX450 2006-2015CH6015
EN450 454 LTD 1985-1990[1]KAh450 1985-1991PH4967
KLX450R KFX450R 2008-2014CH6015ER500 1996-2004[5]
EN500 Vulcan, LTD 1990-2009[5]EX500 Ninja 1990-2009[5]
EX500 Ninja 1987-1989[1]ZZR500 1990-1996[5]
KLE500 1991-2005[5]KZ550 1977-1984CH6012
520 1998-2002PH4967550 1997PH4967
ZR550 Zephyr 1990-1993CH6012ZX550 GPZ 1984-1986CH6012
Z550 GT550 1979-2001CH6012GPX600 1980-2000CH6012
KL600 KLR600 1984-1986CH6070ZL600 Eliminator 1996-1997CH6012
ZL600 Eliminator 1986-1987CH6012ZX600 Ninja ZX-6, ZX-6R 1993-2007[5]
ZX600 Ninja 600R 1985-1997CH6012ZX600, ZZR600, ZX-6RR 1995-2012[5]
KAF620 Mule 1995-2003PH4967ZX636 2002-2006 2013-2016[5]
KAF620 Mule 1995-2003PH4967W650 1999-2005[5]
KL650, KLR650 1987-2016CH6070EX650R / ER-6N Ninja 2006-2016[5]
KZ650 1977-1980CH6012EN65 Vulcan 2015-2016[5]
Versys 650 2008-2016[5]Ninja 650R 2008-2016[5]
KLX650 1993-2001CH6070KLX650R 1993-1996CH6070
KVF650 Prairie / Force 2001-2015[5]KZ650 CSR 1981-1983CH6012
KZ650 LTD 1980CH6012KZ650 1977-1979CH6012
KZ700 1984CH6012VN700 Vulcan 1984-1985[1]
KFX700 2004-2009[5]KVF700 2004-2006[5]
LTV700 2004-2005[5]ZX700R 1991-Present[5]
ZN700 LTD 1984-1986CH6012ZX700R 1991-Present[5]
GPZ750 1983-1990CH6012KZ750 1980-1983CH6012
KZ750 LTD 1980-1983CH6012KZ750 1980-1983CH6012
KZ750 SPECTRE 1982-1984CH6012KZ750 GPZ 1982CH6012
KVF750 Brute Force 2005-2016[5]KRF750 Teryx 2008-2013[5]
KZ750 LTD 1976-1984CH6014KZ750 (2-CYL.) 76-84CH6012
VN750 Vulcan 1999-2007[5]VN750 Vulcan 1986-1998[1]
Z750 2004-2012[5]ZX750 Ninja 1987-1991CH6012
ZR750 Zephyr 1991-1993CH6012ZR750 ZR-7 2000CH6012
ZR750 ZR-7S 2001-2003CH6012ZX750 ZX-7, Ninja, ZX-7R 1991-2003[5]
ZX750 Ninja, ZX-7 1987-1990CH6012ZX750 GPZ, A 1983-1985CH6012
ZX750 GPZ750 Turbo 1983-1985CH6012ZX750-L, ZX-7, Ninja 1993-1995[5]
ZX750 Ninja ZX-7RR 1996-1997[5]ZX750-P Ninja ZX-7R 1996-1999[5]
KRT800 Teryx 2014-2016[5]W800 2011-2016[5]
VN800/900 Vulcan / Drifter 1995-2016[5]KZ900 1973-1975CH6012
GPZ900 1986-1989[5]KZ900 1976-1977CH6012
Z-1 1973-1975CH6012ZL900 Eliminator 1985-1986CH6012
ZX900 Ninja ZX-9R 1994-2003[5]ZX900 Ninja 1984-1986CH6012
KAF950 Mule 2510 Diesel 2000-2003[5]KZ1000 Police 1981-2005CH6012
GTR 1000 1986-1987CH6012GPZ 1000 1986-1988CH6012
KZ1000 1977-1980CH6012NINJA H2/H2R 2015-2016[5]
KLZ1000 Versys 2012-2016[5]KLV 1000 2004-2006[2]
Z1000 2003-2007[5]ZG1000 Concours 1986-2007CH6012
ZL1000 Eliminator 1987-1988CH6012ZX1000 Ninja ZX-10 1983-1990CH6012
ZX 10R 2004-2016[5]ZX1000 Ninja ZX-10 2011-2016[2]
KZ1100 1981-1983CH6012ZN1100 LTD 1984-1985CH6012
ZR1100 2000CH6012ZX1100 ZX-11 Ninja 1990-2003CH6012
ZX1100 GPZ 1981-1984CH6012ZXR1100 2000CH6012
ZZ-R 1100 1990-2001CH6012GPZ 1100 1996-1998CH6012
ZG1200 Voyager XII 1986-2003CH6012ZR1200 ZZ-R1200 2001-2007CH6012
ZXR1200 2002-2005CH6012ZX1200 ZX-12R 2000-2005[5]
ZX1200 ZZR1200 2002-2007CH6012KZ1300 Touring 1979-1982CH6013, CH6014
KZ1300 1979-1983CH6013ZN1300 VOYAGER 83-88CH6013
ZX1400R Ninja 2006-2016[5]ZG1400 Concours 2006-2016[5]
ZX1400R Ninja 2006-2016[5]VN1500 Vulcan 88 1987-2006[5]
VN1500 Vulcan Drifter 1999[5]VN1500 Classic 1996-2008[5]
VN1600 Vulcan 2004-2007[5]Mean Streak 1600[5]
VN1700 Classic 2009-2016[5]VN2000 Vulcan 2004-2010[5]
KTM Oil Filters *Note: Several KTMs require two oil filters. Calsci Motorcycle Windshields
*EXC 250 2001-2006HF157*EXC 250 2001-2006HF155
XC-F / XCF-W / EXC 250 2007-2013HF655XC-F 250 / XCF-W 250 2014-2016HF652
EXC-F / SX-F 250 2013-2016HF652SX-F / SXS 250 2006-2012HF655
EXC-F 300 2015HF652Freeride 300 2012-2016HF652
SX-F350 EXC-F350 XCF-W350 2011-2016HF652SX-F 350 2011-2016HF652
*MXC/EXC/SX/XC-W 400 1999-2007HF157*MXC/EXC/SX/XC-W 400 1999-2007HF155
XC-W / EXC 400 2008-2011HF652SMR 450 2008-2012HF652
EGS 400 1996-1997[5]
*XC/EXC/MXC/SMR 450 2004-2007HF157*XC/EXC/MXC/SMR 450 2004-2007HF155
SMR 450 2013-2014HF655XC-F/XC-W/EXC 450 2008-2011HF652
XCW/EXC 450 2012-2016HF655SX-F 450 2007-2012HF652
SX-F 450 2013-2015HF655XC-F/XC-W/EXC 450 2008-2011HF652
450XCF/W 2012-2016HF655XC-F / SX-F 450 2013-2016HF652
EXC / XC-W 500 2012-2016HF655XC-F/SX-F 505 2008-2009HF652
*MXC/EXC/SX 520 1999-2002HF157*MXC/EXC/SX 520 1999-2002HF155
*450/525 XC ATV 2008-2010HF157*450/525 XC ATV 2008-2010HF155
*SMR525 2004-2006HF157*SMR525 2004-2006HF155
*EXC/MXC/XC/SX 525 2003-2007HF157*EXC/MXC/XC/SX 525 2003-2007HF155
*EXC/MXC/XC/SX 525 2003-2007HF157*EXC/MXC/XC/SX 525 2003-2007HF155
*SXS 540 2006-2007HF157*SXS 540 2006-2007HF155
*SMR 560 2007HF157*SMR 560 2007HF155
EXC/XC-RW 530 2008-2011HF652620 LC4 SX 1999[5]
620 EGS / Duke 1994-1997[5]640 Duke II 1999-2006[5]
SMC 625 2003-2006HF155625 SMC 2003-2006[5]
*SXC 625 2002-2005HF157*SXC 625 2002-2005HF155
EXC 625 2002-2006HF157640 Adventure 1998-2008HF155
EXC 625 2002-2006HF157640 LC4 1997-2002[5]
640 Adventure / Duke 1998-2008HF155660 SMC 2002-2003[5]
660 Rally 2001-2007[5]640 Adventure 1998-2008HF155
*Supermoto 660 2002-2005HF157*Supermoto 660 2002-2005HF155
*690 Duke/Enduro 2008-2011HF157*690 Duke/Enduro 2008-2011HF155
950 Super Adventure 2002-2006HF650950 Supermoto 2007-2011HF650
990 Adventure R, SMR , SMT 2007-2013HF650990 Superduke / R 2005-2013HF650
950 Super Adventure 2002-2006HF650950 Supermoto 2007-2011HF650
1050 Adventure 2015HF6501190 Adventure / R 2013-2015HF650
1190 RC8/Race 2009-2016HF6501290 Super Duke R / GT 2014-2016HF650
Moto-Guzzi Oil Filters Calsci Motorcycle Windshields
850 Le Mans, California 1975-1983HF552850 T5, Breva, Griso, Norge 1989-2016[3]
940 Bellagi 2007-2012[3]850 Breva, Griso, Norge 1989-2016[3]
California 1982-1993HF552Daytona 1992-1993HF552
Daytona 1994-1996[3]Le Mans, Mille, Quota 1984-1993HF552
Quota 1994-1997[3]S, SP, 1000 1978-1983[6]
SP2, SP3 1000 1978-1983[3]V1000 Convert 1975-1984HF552
V10 Centauro 1997-2001HF552
California 1100 1994-2013[3]Griso 1100 2005-2008[3]
1100 Sport, Le Mans, Scura 1998-2005[3]1100 Breva, Corsa, Quota 1998-2009[3]
1200 Stelvio, Sport, Norge 2006-2016[3]1200 Griso, Breva 2007-1026[3]
MV Agusta Oil Filters Calsci Motorcycle Windshields
F4, Brutale 2000-2018[5]
Polaris Oil Filters Calsci Motorcycle Windshields
Magnum 325 4×4, 2×4 2000-2002[5]Trail Boss 325 2000-2002[5]
Xpedition 325 2000-2002[5]Magnum 330 2×4, 4×4, Trail Boss[5]
Sportsman 335, Worker 335 1999 – 2000[5]Sportsman 400 2001-2003[5]
Xpedition 425 2000-2002[5]425 Magnum 2×4 1995-1998[5]
425 Magnum 4×4 1996-1998[5]425 Magnum 6×6 1996-1997[5]
455 Diesel 4×4 1999-2001[5]Sportsman 500, 6×6 1997-2003[5]
Big Boss 500 6×6 1998-1999[5]Magnum 500 1999-2002[5]
Scrambler 500 1997-2003[5]Xplorer 500 1997[5]
Suzuki Oil Filters Calsci Motorcycle Windshields
DR-Z125 2003CH6066DR125 1986-1988CH6066
DR125SE 1994-1996CH6066SP125 1986-1988CH6066
LT-160K 2003CH6066LT-F160 2001CH6066
LT-160E 1989-1992CH6066LT-F160E 1991-2000CH6066
DR200 1986-2016CH6066UH 200 Burgman 1997-2016HF131
SP200 1986-1988CH6066LT-230 1985-1993CH6066
AN 250 Bergman 1999-2007CH6066GN250Z/D 1982-2000HF136
LT-250 LT-F250 1985-2002CH6066GN250Z/D 82-83HF136
GN250F 1985HF136GN250J 1988HF136
GZ250X/Y/K1/K2 1999-2010HF136DR250Z/D 1982-1983HF136
DR250F 1982-2007HF136DRZ 250 2001-2007HF136
ST250 2004-2006HF136SP250F DUAL SPORT 1982-1985HF136
GS250 1980-1981CH6066LT-300E 1987-1989CH6066
LT-4WD Quadrunner 1987-1997CH6066LT-H4WD 1987-1998CH6066
LT-H4WDX King Quad 1991-1998CH6066GS300 1985CH6000
GS300 1982-1983CH6000LT-F300F 1999-2002CH6066
DR350 1990-2000HF136AN400 Burgman 2003-2006CH6066
DR-Z400 S / E /SM 2000-2016HF136AN400 Burgman 2007-2016HF131
GS400 1977-1979CH6000GSH400 Bandit 1991-1993CH6000
GSF400 1989-1997HF133GN400 1980-1982HF133
GSX400 1981-1986HF133GSR400 2006-2009[2]
GSX-R400 1985-1989HF133GSX-R400 1990-1992[2]
SV 400 1998-2005[2]RF 400 1994-1996[2]
VL 400 2001-2007[2]VS 400 1994-1996[2]
LT-H400 Eiger 2002-2003[2]GS425 1977-1979CH6000
GS450 1979-1988CH6000RMX / RMZ 450 2005-2016HF207
GS500E 1989-2010CH6000DR 500 1981-1984HF137
SP500 1981-1983HF137Vinson 2002-2003[2]
Quad Master 2000-2001[2]Quadrunner 2000-2003[2]
LT-F 500F 1998-2003[2]LT-A 500 2003-2016[2]
GSX 550E 1983-1987HF133GS 550 1977-1986HF133
SP600F 1984HF137GSF600S Bandit 1996-2014[2]
GSX-R600 1992-2016[2]GSX-R600W 1992-1993[2]
GSR600 2006-2010[2]GSX600F Katana 1988-2015[2]
RF600R 1994-1996[2]AN650 Burgman 2002-2016[2]
GR650 1983-1985CH6000GS650 1981-1984CH6000
SV650, SFV650, DL650 1999-2016[2]DR650S 85-02HF137
LS650 SAVAGE 86-88HF137LS650 SAVAGE 1986-2016HF137
XN85 1985CH6000GS700 1985-1986CH6000
GV700 Madura 1985-1986[2]VS700 Intruder 1985-1987[2]
VS700 Intruder 1986[2]DR 750 1983HF137
GS750 GSX750 1977-1983CH6001GSR 750L 2011-2016[2]
GS750SD KATANA 1983CH6001GSX-R750 1988-2003[2]
GSX-S750 2015-2016[2]GSX-R750 1986-1987[2]
GSX 750 1998-2002[2]GSX750F Katana 1989-2006[2]
VS750 Intruder 1988-1991[2]VL800 Intruder 2001-2003[2]
DR800 1988-2000HF137VS800GL Intruder 1992-2003[2]
VL800GL Intruder 2005-2016[2]VL800 Volusia 2001-2009[2]
VX800 1990-1997[2]VZ800 Marauder 1997-2016[2]
GS850 1977-1983CH6000RF900R 1994-2000[2]
V-Strom DL1000 2002-2016[2]GS1000 1978-1984CH6001
GS1000 1978-1981CH6000GSX-R1000 2001-2016[2]
GSX 1000 Katana 1982-1984CH6000GSX-S1000 2015-2016[2]
GSX-R1000W 1993-1995[2]SV1000 2003-2007[2]
TL1000R 1998-2003[2]TL1000S 1997-2000[2]
GS1100 1980-1984CH6000GSX1100 1980-1986CH6000
GSX-R1100 1986-1992[2]GSX-R1100W 1993-1998[2]
GSX1100F Katana 1988-1996[2]GSX1100G 1991-1993[2]
GS1150 1983-1986CH6001GSF1200S Bandit 1996-2006[2]
GSX1200 1998-1999[2]GS1200 2001-2003[2]
GV1200 Madura 1985-1986[2]GSX1200 2010-2016[2]
GSF1200 Bandit 2007-2016[2]GSX1300R Hayabusa 1999-2016[2]
GSX1300 B-King 2008-2012[2]GV1400 Cavalcade 1985-1986[2]
GV1400 Cavalcade 1985-1989[2]GSX1400 2001-2007[2]
VS1400GL Intruder 1987-1995[2]VS1400GLP Intruder 1996-2000[2]
VL1500 Intruder LC 2005-2016[2]VL 1400 Boulevard 2005-2009[2]
VZ1600 Marauder LC 2004-2005[5]VL 1800 2006-2016[2]
Triumph Oil Filters Calsci Motorcycle Windshields
865 ( ALL ) 2007-2016[5]Adventurer 1995-2001CH6012
America 800 2005-2006[5]America 900 2007-2013[5]
Bonneville 800 2005-2006[5]Bonneville 900 2006-2012[5]
Daytona 1995-1997CH6012Daytona 650 2005[5]
Daytona 675 2006-2016[5]Daytona 700 1991-1995CH6012
Daytona 900 1994-1997CH6012Daytona 955i 2005-2006[5]
Daytona 1000 1991-1995CH6012Daytona 1200 1993-1997CH6012
Daytona Super III 1995-1997CH6012Legend TT 1999-2001CH6012
Rocket III 2004-2016[5]Scrambler 900 2006-2014[5]
Speed Four 2002[5]Speed 675 2007-2016[5]
Speed Four 600 2005-2006[5]Speed Triple 750 1995CH6012
Speed Triple 900 1994-1996CH6012Speed Triple 955 1997-2004[5]
Speed Triple 955i 2006-2008[5]Speed Triple 1050 2006-2016[5]
Street Triple 675 2007-2016[5]Speedmaster 800 2005-2006[5]
Speedmaster 900 2006-2013[5]Sprint 900 1995-1998CH6012
Sprint ST 995 2005[5]Sprint ST 1050 2006-2016[5]
Thruxton 900 2004-2013[5]Thruxton 1200 2016[5]
Thunderbird 750 1991-1998CH6012Thunderbird 900 1995-2003CH6012
Thunderbird Sport 1999-2003CH6012Thunderbird 900 1996CH6012
Thunderbird 1600 2009-2014[5]Thunderbird 1700 Storm 2010-2016[5]
Tiger 800 2011-2016[5]Tiger 900 1991-2000CH6012
Tiger 955 2005-2006[5]Tiger 1050 2007-2016[5]
Tiger 1200 2012-2016[5]Trident 750, 900 1991-1997CH6012
Trophy 900 1991-2001CH6012Trophy 1200 1991-2003CH6012
Trophy 1200 2013-2016CH6012TT600 2005[5]
TT Legend 1991-2001CH6012
Victory Oil Filters Calsci Motorcycle Windshields
V92C, V92SC 1998-2003[5]Cross Roads / Country 2010-2016[5]
Hammer 8-Ball / S 2003-2016[5]High-Ball 2011-2016[5]
Judge / Jackpot 2013-2016[5]Kingpin 2003-2012[5]
Ness Signature S Jackpot 2006-2012[5]Touring Cruiser 2003-2006[5]
Vegas 8-Ball 2003-2016[5]Vegas Jackpot / Cory Ness 2006-2014[5]
Vegas Low 2003-2010[5]Vision 8 – Ball[5]
Vision Street / Ness 2008-2013[5]Vision Tour / 10th S.E. 2008-2016[5]
Yamaha Oil Filters Calsci Motorcycle Windshields
125 X, City 2006-2016HF140MT125 2015-2016HF140
WR125 2009-2016HF140DT125 1991-2004HF143
SR125 1980-2002HF143TW125 1999-2004HF143
XC125 1995-2003HF143XT125 1982-1996HF143
XV125 1997-2001CH6005XVS125 2000-2004CH6005
YP125 2015-2016HF140YJ125 2004-2009HF143
YZF-R125 2008-2016HF140T135 2006-2008HF140
150 1998-1999HF143XC180 1983-1985CH6005
SR185 1981-1982CH6005BW200 1985-1988HF143
C200, XC200T, XC200TC 1987-1991CH6005XC200U 1988CH6005
XT125 1982-1983CH6005XT200 1982-1983HF143
TW200 TRAILWAY 1987-2016HF143YTM200 TRI-MOTO 1983-1985HF143
YFM200 MOTO-4 1985-1989HF143TW225 2004-2007HF143
TT225 1986-1987HF143TT225 1999-2004HF143
XT225 SERROW 1992-2007HF143YFM225 MOTO-4 1983-1990HF143
YTM225 TRI-MOTO 1983-1986CH6005YF230 PRO HAULER 1989CH6005
CP250 2005-2008CH6066FZ250 1985CH6005
FZR250 1986-1989CH6005FZR250 1990-1994[5]
SR250 Exciter 1979-1984CH6005SRX250 1987-1988CH6005
TT250 1980-1982CH6005TT250 1993-1997HF142
TTR250 2000-2006HF142XT2501980-1984CH6005
WR250 2001-2008HF142WR250 2009-2016HF140
XC250 1987CH6005XG250 2004-2015CH6003
XT250 1980-1984CH6005XT250 2005-2017HF140
XV250 Virago, Rt 66 1988-2000CH6005XVS250 2001-2004CH6005
YBR250 2008-2012HF140YFB250 TIMBERWOLF 1992-2000CH6005
YFM250 1987-2009HF143YFM250 2005-2009HF143
YP250 2004-2006CH6066YP250 2007-2017HF140
YZ250 2001-2008HF142YZ250 2009-2017HF140
MT-03 2006-2012CH6005
BW350 Big Wheel 1987-1988CH6005TT350 1986-1987HF143
XT350 1985-2001HF143YFM350 Bruin 2004-2006[5]
YFM350 Grizzly 2007-2014[5]YFM350 Raptor 2005-2013HF142
YFM350 Wolverine, Warrior 1987-2005HF142YFM350 Wolverine 2006-2009[5]
YFP350 Terrapro 1987-1988CH6005YFM350 Moto-4 1987-1995HF142
XS360 1976-1977CH6003YZF-R3 2015-2017[5]
FZR400 Genesis 1988-1991CH6003FZR400 RR 1990-1994[5]
SR400 2014-2017CH6005WR 400 1998-2002HF142
XJR400 1992-1998CH6003XC400 Kodiak 2000-2001[5]
XS400 Maxim, Seca 1977-1983CH6003XT400 KODIAK 1981-1991CH6005
XV400 1987-1994CH6005XVS 400 1996-2008CH6005
YFM400 KODIAK 1993-1999CH6005YFM400FA Kodiak Automatic 2000-2006[5]
YFM400 Big Bear 1993-2012HF142YFM400 Grizzly 2007-2014[5]
YP400 2004-2017CH6066YZ400 1998-1999HF142
WR426 2000-2002HF142YZ426 2000-2002HF142
WR450 2003-2008HF142WR450 2009-2016HF140
YFM450 Kodiak 2000-2006[5]YFM450 Wolverine, Grizzly 2006-2014[5]
YFZ400 Big Bear 2007-2016HF140YXR400 Rhino 2006-2009[5]
YZ450 2003-2008HF142YZ450 2009-2016HF140
SR500 1978-2000CH6005TT500 1976-1981CH6005
XP500 2001-2011[5]XT500 1976-1983CH6005
XV500 Virago 1983-1984CH6005XT500 DUAL SPORT 1976-1981CH6004
TT500 1976-1981CH6004XP530 2012-2017[5]
XV535 VIRAGO 1987-2002CH6005XJ550 Maxim, Seca 1981-1985CH6003
XT550 1982-1983CH6005YFM 550 Grizzly 2009-2014[5]
FJ600 1984-1985CH6003FZ600 1986-1988CH6003
FZR600 1989-1990CH6003FZR600 1991-1999[5]
FZS600 1998-2003[5]FZ6 2007-2016[5]
SRX600 1985-1990CH6005TT600 1997-2003HF143
TT600 1983-1992CH6005TT600 1983-1986CH6004
XT600 Tenere 1983-1991CH6005XT600 1984-1991CH6003
XJ600 Seca II 1992-2003[5]XJ6 Diversion 2009-2016[5]
XS600 1992-1995[5]XVS650 V-STAR 1999-2001CH6004
XVS650 V-Star 1999-2003CH6004XVS650AK/AKC V-STAR CLASSIC 1998CH6004
YFM600 Grizzly 1998-2001CH6005YX600 Radian 1986-1990CH6003
YZF-R6 1999-2016[5]YZF600 1994-2007[5]
XJ650 Maxim, Seca, Turbo 1980-1985CH6003XS650 1980CH6003
XVS650 Star, V-Star 1997-2016CH6005SZR660 1996-1998CH6005
XT660 2004-2016CH6005XTZ 660 Tenere 1991-2016CH6005
YFM660F Grizzly, Raptor 2001-2013[5]YXR 660 Rhino 2004-2006[5]
YFM660 RAPTOR 2001-2002[5]FZ700 1986-1987CH6006
FZ-07 2016-2017[5]MT-07 2014-2017[5]
XSR700 2016-2017[5]XJ700 Maxim 1985-1986CH6003
XV700 Virago 1984-1987CH6004YFM700 Grizzly 2007-2017[5]
YFM700 Raptor 2006-2017CH6005YXC700 Viking 2015-2017[5]
YXE700 Wolverine 2016-2017[5]YXR700 Rhino 2008-2013[5]
FZ750 Genesis 1985-1988CH6012FZR750 1987-1992CH6012
FZX750 Fazer 1986-1988CH6012XJ750 Maxim, Seca 1981-1984CH6003
XS750 1977-1979CH6002XTZ750 Tenere 1990-1997HF142
XV750 Virago 1981-1998CH6005YZF750 1993-1998[5]
YZF R7[5]FZ8 Fazer 2010-2017[5]
TDM850, TRX850 1990-2001CH6005XS850 1980-1981CH6002
FJ-09 2015-2016[5]FZ-09 2014-2016[5]
MT-09 2014-2016[5]TDM 900 2002-2013CH6005
XJ900 Seca 1982-1993CH6003XJ 900S Divesion 1994-2003[5]
Midnght 1983CH6004XV920 Virago 1981-1983CH6005
XVS 950 Bolt, V-Star 209-2017[5]FZ-1 Fazer 2001-2015[5]
FZR1000 1991-1995[5]FZR1000 1987-1990CH6012
GTS1000 1993-2000[5]XV1000 Virago 1981-1985CH6005
YXZ 1000 Viking 2016-2017[5]YZF-R1 1998-2017[5]
YZF1000 1996-2002[5]BT1100 Bulldog 2002-2006CH6005
FJ1100 1984-1985CH6006XJ1100 Maxim 1982CH6002
XS1100 1978-1981CH6002XVS11 V-Star 1999-2003CH6005
These Oil Filters have M20x1.5 threads, 10-18 psi by-pass valve, anti-drain back valve. Recommended filters in blue. Available filters include:Purolator PL14459 Mobil-1 M1-104 Supertech ST3593a AMSOil SMF 102 Baldwin B227 Fram PH6010A Hastings Lh402 NAPA 1334 Purolator L14459 WIX 51334These Oil Filters have M20x1.0 threads, 11 psi by-pass valve, anti-drain back valve. Recommended filter in blue. I recommend you buy one of our adapters and start using type [5] filters, like every other motorcyclis Available filters include:Mobil1 M1MC-133 AMSOil SMF 109 Bike Master 314-0025 Champion PH7016 Cycle Power 314-1919 Emgo 10-55662 Emgo 10-55660 Fram PH6018 Hi-Flo HF138 J.C.Whitney ZX063166P K&N 138 NAPA 1359 / WIX 51359 NAPA PS7937 Parts Unlimited Per-Form J-509 ProPart 01-0029 Purolator ML16818 STP SMO-18 Suzuki 16510-03G00-X07 VESRAH vsf-3009 WIX 57937
These Oil Filters have 3/4″-16 threads, 8 psi by-pass valve, anti-drain back valve. and are about 3″ / 3.5″ long Recommended filters in blue. Available filters includePurolator PL14476 / PL14477 Mobil1 M1-102 Mobil1 M1MC-131 Mobil1 M1MC-132 (CHrome) Bosch 3330 Walmart Supertech ST4967 / 4386 AMSOil SMF 133/134/135 Baldwin B33 / B37 Fram PH4967 Hastings Lh410 / LF 413 HiFlo HF199 K&N KN-170 NAPA 1394 Purolator ML16822 WIX 51394 / 51396These Oil Filters have 3/4″-16 threads, 8 psi by-pass valve, anti-drain back valve. Recommended filters in blue. Available filters include:Purolator PL10241 / PL25230 Mobil1 M1-102 Bosch 3330 AMSOil SMF 108 Baldwin BT223 Fram PH6016 Hastings LF157 / LF134 K&N KN-174C NAPA 1348 Purolator L10241 / L20064 WIX 51348
These Oil Filters have M20x1.5 threads, 14 psi by-pass valve, anti-drain back valve, 2.3″ O.D. gasket 2.5″ to 3.5″ long. If you have the room, I recommend the longer filters. Purolator has changed their filters from a concave to a convex fitting surface, so they no longer seal on some motorcycles. Motorcycle Filters AC Delco PF2135 AMSOil SMF103 Carquest 85358 AC Delco PF2135 FRAM PH6017A Honda 15410-MCJ-000 K&N KN-204, about $13. Metric nut on end for easy removal. Mobil M1MC-134 NAPA Gold 1358 Purolator ML16817. Imported, not made by Purolator. STP SMO 17 WIX 51358 Recommended filters. All have superior filtering. About 2.5 inches long. Purolator One PL14612, about $6. Mobil M1-108, about $12. Made by Champion. Bosch 3300, about $6. Made by Champion. Wal-Mart SuperTech ST6607 Made by Champion. HKS 52009-AK005, About $35. Not quite as good at filtering as those above, but very low drag on the oil. Used by all serious racing teams. In racing applications should be changed every 5-15 hours. About 3.25 inches long. Purolator One PL14610, about $6. Purolator Boss PBL14610. Royal Purple 10-2808. Mobil 1 M1-110, about $10. Made by Champion. Mobil M1MC-134 Bosch 3323, about $6. Made By Champion. WalMart SuperTech ST7317, about $2. Made by Champion.Automobile Filters, about 2.5 inches long. AC Delco PF1237 Baldwin B1400 Firestone TF2876 Hastings LF113 NAPA Gold 1365 Purolator L14612 STP S-02876 WalMart SuperTech ST6607 WIX 51365 Automobile Filters, about 3.25 inches long. AC Delco PF-2057 Auto Pro 2356 Autopride CF240AP Baldwin B1402 Carquest 85356 Carquest Red B4620 Casite CF240 Castrol 7317 Champion Labs Ph2867 Defense Filters Dl7317 Deutsch D-370 Federated Filters LF240F Fram Double Guard DG7317 Fram PH7317 Automobile Filters, about 3.25 inches long. Fram Tough Guard TG7317 Fram Xtra Guard XG7317 Group 7 V4610 Group 7 V4620 Hastings LF240 Mighty M4612 Millard ML-3593 Motorcraft Long Life FL-821 Napa FIL1356 Napa Gold 1356 Parts Plus PH2867 Pennzoil PZ-109 Penske 7317 Powerflo SL14610 Powerflo SL14620 Pro Gauge PGO-4620 Pro Tec 164 Promotive PH4610 Pronto PO3593A Purolator L14610 Service Champ OF-4622 Shell SH48 Shell SH529 Stp S-02867. Valvoline VO50 Warner PH2867 Wix 51356
These Oil Filters have M16x1.5 threads, 8 psi by-pass valve, anti-drain back valve. None are recommended. Available filters includeAMSOil SMF 132/132C EMGO 10-26980 Fram PH6019, PH6074 K&N KN-153 NAPA 7013 WIX 57013These Oil Filters have 3/4″-16 threads, by-pass valve, no anti-drain back valve. BMW motorcycles with spin on filters use three different filters. The only difference I can see is the height of the filter – it’s either 65mm, 71mm or 90m. If you have room on your bike for the 90mm filters (listed below), use those. The 65mm filters are made to a very old spec with inferior filtering and should be avoided. Use one of the 71mm or 90mm filters instead. Recommended filters in blue Available filters include: 90mm Purolator PL10241 / PL25230 Mobil1 M1-102 Bosch 3330 Supertech ST3614 AMSOil SMF 122 EMGO 10-26740 Fram PH6063 HiFlo HF163 K&N KN163 Purolator ML16825 71mm EMGO 10-26742 Fram PH6063 HiFlo HF164 K&N KN164 65mm – Avoid EMGO 10-26740 Fram PH6063 HiFlo HF160 K&N KN160
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