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The Best Waterproof Motorcycle Gloves

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To say that riding gloves and motorcycling go…hand in hand…is an understatement. Like other riding gear, gloves protect us from the elements and play a vital role in making the ride safer. A good pair of gloves could be the difference between a minor bruise and a full on degloving injury.

Similarly, a pair of waterproof gloves are a godsend in wetter climates, where inclement weather can cause any number of accidents and mishaps in addition to general discomfort. Having decades of experience behind the handlebars, we feel confident in recommending only the best waterproof motorcycle gloves.

The title of ‘Best Waterproof Motorcycle Glove’ goes to the Dainese Tempest D-Dry Short Gloves. Here we have a premium pair of gloves that comes in a shorter cuff style for maximum comfort and maneuverability while riding.The gloves’ design makes them ideal for riding in any weather, with special features to address wet conditions in particular. All in all, there are few offerings in the market that rival Dainese’s Tempest D-Dry Short Gloves.

Dainese Tempest D-Dry Short waterproof Gloves

Best overall

Dainese’s waterproof gloves come with several features, some commonplace and others exclusive to the brand, making them a ‘Swiss Army Knife’ of gloves.  Outfitted with Dainese’s proprietary Comfortech and Smart Touch features, these gloves are as utilitarian as they are good looking. Furthermore, the D-Dry membrane makes sure that your hands stay dry, even in the most torrential downpour.  However, good looks do not come at the cost of ventilation, as the membrane is small enough to bar entry for water molecules but large enough to let air through, allowing you to use them in warmer conditions. Riding in the rain is further facilitated by the Visor Wiper on the left thumb, perfect for wiping away water and grime from your helmet’s face shield.   The Comfortech knuckle is shrouded in an elastic material that mitigates some gloves’ constrained feeling when extending your hands to use levers and handlebar controls. Comfort seems to be the headlining feature as these gloves come with an elasticated insert that is also thermally insulated for those brisk winter morning rides.  The inclusion of Smart Touch technology allows users to interact with touch screens without taking off their gloves. The short cuff styling is naturally ergonomic and much more maneuverable than longer cuff gloves.  Protection is just as important as any of the gloves’ features. An elasticated fabric, Amica suede, and reinforced palms make these waterproof gloves tough and durable. Reflective inserts for the gloves help make you more visible to others on the road, especially in low visibility conditions such as rain and fog.  With such a wide array of valuable features, it comes as no surprise that these gloves are at the top of our list. These gloves are perfect for the riders who often find themselves in a downpour but offer compelling features for others who just want a well made glove at a reasonable price. Get your pair at the links below. Pros Short cuff styling makes for an aesthetic, less bulky glovePremium materials Highly waterproof Visor wiper built into the gloveBreathable construction allows for use in warmer weather as wellGloves offer good protection for handsTouch screen device friendly ConsNot the most budget friendly optionSome users complain of slight discomfort in hand because of the rubber visor wiper on left thumb Fits a bit tighter than most other gloves Check price here and here

Joe Rocket Briton waterproof motorycle gloves

Best Budget

Joe Rocket’s Briton waterproof gloves are motorcycle gloves for the rider who prefers the old school leather look but still values modern features and wants a glove that doesn’t break the bank.  Made from high quality cowhide, the Britons evoke a sense of nostalgia for the old days of motorcycling, before the days of synthetic fabrics and high-tech wizardry. Don’t let the Britons’ classic styling fool you, though. They are a wolf in sheep’s…err…cow’s clothing, coming jam packed with excellent features that rival gloves three times the price. Equipped with a zipper and strap combo to go with the leather construction, the Britons may look a bit dated and anachronistic.  But that is all part of the appeal of these gloves. A classic exterior adorns a modern glove underneath. They would fit right in with the cruiser motorcycle aesthetic but offer features for all types of riding.  Waterproof inserts keep your hands dry, while internal injection molded knuckle armor prepares you for even the harshest battle with the asphalt. Thick, conductive padding on the palms and digits simultaneously provides protection and the ability to use any touch-enabled gadgets such as smartphones, infotainment systems. A unique design allows for enhanced mobility and comfort while maintaining the desired look and feel.  Few leather gloves that deliver this level of ingress protection can also boast modern features such as this. And for their economic price, the Britons give you the best bang for your buck.  That said, users of these gloves have complained that they are a bit loose and don’t fit as snuggly. The Britons’ are best suited for riders with larger hands and longer fingers but come in various sizes from XS to 3XL. We would recommend sizing down if you decide to buy these fantastic gloves, which you can do at the following links Pros High quality cowhide usedTimeless designReinforced padding offers excellent protectionModular design with removable insertsUsers can interact with touch screens thanks to the conductive padding ConsZipper may fail over time Designed mainly for larger hands and fingers

Alpinestars SP-Z Drystar waterproof gloves

Best premium

When you think ‘premium riding gear’, you think Alpinestars. And if you’re willing to shell out a few extra bucks, the Alpinestar SP-Z Drystar Gloves are a no-brainer. Alpinestars has been in the business for ages, and the SP-Z Drystar Gloves result from decades of refinement. Made from the finest full grain leather and polyamide fabrics, these gloves offer every feature a rider could ask for.  The gloves offer industry leading protection with top of the line materials and a focus on reinforcing the impact zones most vulnerable in the event of a crash. Synthetic leather clads the outer hand and provides superior abrasion protection. Robust PU knuckle pieces ensure maximum shielding. EVA foam, more commonly found in high grade riding jackets and boots is a welcome addition, helping greatly reduce chances of serious injury. Another excellent design feature is the pronounced cuff piece that gives added protection to the wrist and forearm.  But really, the number one thing users of this glove appreciate and rave about is comfort and usability. The palm consists of a stretchy insert that does wonders for maneuverability and ease of use. Pre-curved fingers go that extra mile in reducing the overall effort needed. Accordion stretch leather pieces on the fingers make even the largest of hands fit snugly and securely.  Touchscreen compatible index fingertip, reflective inserts for extra visibility, Drystar Performance membrane for durable waterproofing. So if you’re in the market for the most premium waterproof glove, be sure to give the Alpinestars SP-Z Drystars a look. Pros Industry leading safety and protectionPremium quality materials and constructionComfortable and ergonomic Appealing style and color optionsBest in class waterproofing ConsConductive tips only on index fingersInner cloth lining not fully stitched to glove, making it a bit annoying

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