Best Motorcycle Gloves With Palm Sliders

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Best motorcycle gloves with palm sliders

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Palm sliders installed in your motorcycle gloves are incredibly important in the unfortunate case of a motorcycle accident. If a crash happens at high speed, quality palm sliders prevent your hands from catching and being crumpled on the tarmac. 

In This guide I’ve researched and tested the best motorcycle gloves with quality palm sliders. How I chose the gloves for this review is based on a variety of factors such as my own experience as a motorcyclist of ten years as well as personally testing each glove listed. 

Lastly I wanted to know what makes a good quality palm slider that provides protection but does it’s job effectively of allowing your hands to slide smoothly along the road.

What To Consider When Buying Palm Sliders

Not every motorcycle glove actually has palm sliders even though they’re essential for your protection, potentially preventing broken bones throughout your hand. Even worse, if you manage to damage your scaphoid you may never use your thumb again. I wanted to first tell you what makes a good quality palm slider so you know exactly what you should choose. 

Don’t Buy Carbon Fibre Palm Sliders

Carbon fibre is light weight and provides great protection but as a palm slider it’s very thin and doesn’t wear down the same as rubber, leather or ceramic. Instead it could break into shards going through your glove and into your palm. 

Don’t Use Leather On It’s Own

Some gloves, especially the fashionable type are entirely leather, while they may look cool, leather doesn’t provide great protection. If you crash at high speed and instinctively put your hands out, leather on it’s own increases the amount of friction between your hands and the road. 

Increasing the chance of hands not sliding but catching on the road and potentially crumpling entirely. Instead, your leather gloves should have palm sliders neatly within, this will mean you’ve got great abrasive protection but your hands will slide in the event of a high speed crash. 

What Happens If You Don’t Use Palm Sliders?

Formerly known as Scaphoid protections, palm sliders should protect the scaphoid bone in your wrist. It’s what allows you to move your thumb and if it’s broken your thumb will be out for the count. Furthermore there’s a lot of ligaments and small bones in your upper wrist and palm, all of which can be torn easily if you’re sliding down a road. If you’re lucky enough to only fracture your scaphoid bone it will take 6 to 12 weeks to heal but in the worst cases it can take up to 6 months. 

Protecting your wrists and hands from becoming wrecked and crumpled can be easily avoided, purchasing gloves with good quality palm sliders.

Scorpion EXO SGS MK II Gloves

#1 Best Overall

The Scorpion EXO SGS MK II is a great quality glove that comes in at a reasonable price for all the benefit it offers. I chose this glove because of its price, the level of protection it offers, quality manufacturing by Scorpion, and customer testimonials, who crashed wearing these gloves without injuring their hands.

The palm sliders used are Knox SPS. Knox first introduced palm sliders for motorcycle gloves; they’re tried and tested, and you’ll commonly see them within all the best glove brands.  You can find a variety of photos online showing how knox palm sliders protected riders’ hands when they crashed. 

This glove consists of thick goat leather, carbon fibre knuckle protectors, TPU finger protectors and perforated leather for the top and back of the hand. 

What all these funny names mean is that this glove provides great protection because the fingers have a layer of rubber around the joints, the carbon fibre protects your knuckles so it’s very unlikely you’ve ever be broken, the leather is great for resisting abrasion on the slide and it’s perforated so they should stay cool and and provide good airflow.

 I recommend purchasing the white or red addition of the Scorpion EXO SGS MK II because they look a lot cooler and the black version is a bit dull. 

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Sedici Bruno Gloves Black

#1 Best Budget

When shopping for quality motorcycle gloves on a budget, you do need to be a little careful. Looking on amazon for affordable motorcycle gloves with palm sliders, the selection was poor, and a lot of what’s offered doesn’t come with palm sliders installed. 

 I decided on Sedici Bruno Gloves as a budget alternative for those who still want palm sliders. It’s only available on revzilla but it’s far better than anything I could find on amazon. 

I’m surprised but this budget glove comes with two types of palm sliders. It’s a full leather palm with double layer textured overlays, secondly TPU molded palm sliders 

For such a cheap glove if you fall and put your hands out you should have any real hand injuries from the looks of things. 

For protection on the top of your hand and fingers, sedici does an average job. The top of the glove isn’t leather but some type of mesh, this is good in the summer and provides good airflow but if you manage to scrape the tops of your hand the mesh won’t provide adequate protection. 

For a budget glove Sedici does an excellent job at protecting underneath your hand and provides adequate protection for the top of your hand. If you’re on a budget definitely consider this as a motorcycle glove that has quality palm sliders. 

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Knox Handroid Pod MK4 Gloves

#1 Best Premium Choice

A glove that not only contains the best palm sliders but an incredible gauntlet that will keep your hands safe in just about any type of crash.

Before I say anything, the design of this gauntlet glove is extremely cool. It’s on the pricier side of things but it’s level of protection and fit make the expensive price tag worth your money. 

The highlight of this premium glove is probably it’s fitment, it looks a lot different than your average motorcycle glove but for good reason. It’s exceptionally comfortable and versatile in terms of movement. This is because Knox is famous for exoskeletons built within their gloves, it provides extra abrasion resistance and better movement of your fingers.  

Another highlight is its very unique knuckle protection; if you zoom in, you can’t actually see the knuckle’s, that’s because there’s an extra layer of the exoskeleton covering the hard knuckles, which dramatically increases the amount of protection your knuckles receive. 

 Lastly Knox arguably provides the best finger protection available. In the case of a fall the exoskeleton will take the brunt of the abrasions and since it’s about one cm in thickness, it won’t wear through in one fall alone. 

Palm sliders are an essential piece of modern motorcycle gloves, without them there would be far more hand injuries among motorcyclists. Hopefully this guide gave you a better idea of the best palm slider motorcycle gloves, but more importantly gave you a better understanding on what to look for and what you should avoid. 

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Palm sliders are an essential piece of modern motorcycle gloves, without them there would be far more hand injuries among motorcyclists. Hopefully this guide gave you a better idea of the best palm slider motorcycle gloves, but more importantly gave you a better understanding on what to look for and what you should avoid.

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