Most comfortable motorcycle helmets

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Most comfortable motorcycle helmets

When looking for motorcycle helmets comfort is definitely in the top 3 priorities when choosing a suitable helmet.  Have a look at the fitting guide to understand what type of head the helmet is made to fit. Not only are helmets S, M, L, XL, they are also made for different shapes of head. If your head is naturally longer than average, finding a helmet that’s build to suit this is essential. Choosing a helmet that is comfortable once the padding is worn is essential as the brand-new phase doesn’t last long. There are a few tricks to keeping a comfortable helmet as well which, one important and selfish principal I have always stuck to is not letting anyone else wear my helmet. I do this not because I don’t want it damaged or lost. It’s because the padding in your helmet is shaped around your face, and once its fully shaped, this is when you will achieve maximum comfort. If, however this padding is moulded to fit someone else face, it will be less comfortable to wear depending how out of shape it ends up. Whilst not letting others use your helmet may seem selfish it’s the best way to maintain its comfort.

Another way to maintain a comfy helmet is by washing the padding, padding in the helmet can unclip and can be hand washed with soap to remove any build-up of dirt and sweat. Depending on how often you ride, doing this every few months will keep your helmet comfortable and fresh.

While these helmets below may not achieve the maximum comfort for all users, as a general guide they are what the majority find comfortable, have a look at each of the helmets features and decide for yourself what features are essential for you

Arai XD4 Helmet – Vision (Large) (Frost White)

This helmet has quite advanced technology and is great value for money. It’s one step ahead when it comes to rider protection, its primary focus apart from providing comfort is to protect the rider from both direct impacts. This is done by having different textures in the shell that rather than a single one. It helps the helmet neglect the impact rather than absorb it. This helmet has multiple remarkable features, it has an opening at the chin that allows for air flow


Arai Corsair-X Solid Adult Street Motorcycle Helmet

This helmet is renounced to be one of the most high-quality advanced helmets on the market. Its level of comfort, and strength have made it one of the flagship models. Also has expellant airflow that does not comprise the strength of the helmet.

It represents the culmination of our vast experience in helmet design and unwavering. And with features like the ingenious VAS shield mechanism

It’s made to suit an oval head shape, it also has a quick release lever for fast face shield removal. Its lightweight which adds to its comfort as it does not strain the neck over hours of use.

Triangle Matte Black Full Face Lightweight, Aerodynamic, Comfortable Street Bike Motorcycle Helmet


This helmet has a high-pressure thermoplastic technology. It’s extremely light weight and is great for long rides or those getting into motorcycling it’s a perfect start. The visor is anti-scratch plastic that prevents all those blurry scratches that you often end up getting on your sun glasses. The visor also has a quick-change mechanism, so if you’re after a different colour or style then you can easily change it out. Furthermore, this great comfortable helmet is unisex, so if you’re unsure of what helmet to get for your partner, something like this would suit them well.

TORC T1 Unisex-Adult Retro Full-face-Helmet-Style Motorcycle (Matte Black, Medium)

This helmet has a fiberglass, shell, removable shield and extra comfort interior lining. Its made for strength and comfort. This has been achieved with padding over the chin strap so all areas of contact are soft and forgiving. The visor has new technology that prevents it from fogging and getting scratched. Its fully certified and made unisex. The overall style of the helmet is slick and neat, with simplicity being a strong focus. Be sure to understand your sizing when checking available sizing.

nisex-Adult Flip-Up Sport Modular Motorcycle Helmet

This helmet is top of the range, built entirely from carbon fibre. The goal of this helmet is the achieve the same results as the best in the business but without the weight. This makes the helmet more comfortable to wear. When designing this helmet, the primary focus was strength and comfort. It has a integrated ventilation system, allowing airflow through the helmet. The chin vent and the rear extractor work together to allow air to flow through the helmet seamlessly

What is the most comfortable full-face helmet?

Have a look at what has been recommended above as the most comfortable full-face helmet. Each helmet however fits people differently, its important to understand what type of helmet you are looking for when looking for helmets.

Helmet comfort is key

Helmet comfort is essential to motorbike riding and can be the make or break a day on the bike, choosing a helmet that is both comfortable and athletically pleasing is something I always strive for.

Why is it important that motorcycle helmets are light weight?

It’s important that motorcycle helmets are light weight for a few key reasons. If you are someone who enjoys long rides, lightweight motorcycle helmets are defiantly your best choice. This is because it won’t strain your neck as its not having to hold up this heavy helmet for hours on end. A good helmet should move with your head seamlessly. A heavy helmet you will quickly find is rather uncomfortable as your neck muscles are always fully activated just trying to keep your head upright. This can completely change the enjoyment of your ride and lead to neck fatigue. However here comes the trade-off. If you are going on long rides, having a speaker system and other new technology in your helmet increases enjoyment, however also increases weight. So, depending on what you prefer as your priority its defiantly something to consider. However, a heavier helmet does not reflect bad quality as it may be built for another purpose like strength. When looking for a light comfortable helmet around the 4-pound mark is where I tend to look. Nowadays with advanced technology, often the trade-off for a light helmet doesn’t come at the expense of durability, as materials such as carbon fibre are extremely strong and light.

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