The Best Motorcycle Boots

In this buying guide, we’ll be taking a look at the best motorcycle books currently available.

We decided on our recommendations by looking at the boots’ features, build quality, materials, and the trustworthiness of each brand.

We ordered what we felt were the best dozen motorcycle boots on the market, trying them on while riding and walking around.

Overall, I found TCX Hero WP Motorcycle boots to be my all round favorite pair that we researched and tested. The TCX’s aesthetic is excellent, and they’re super comfortable too. They provide ankle protection, a waterproof lining, and their quality is top-notch.

I’ve used the TCX Hero WP Motorcycle boots for just over six months now, and they’ve performed flawlessly in all categories,

Read on to find out more about TCX boots and our other top recommendations.

The best Motorcycle Boots Summarised

  • TCX Hero WP Motorcycle Boots (Overall Best)
  • Gaerne Balance Oiled Motorcycle Boots (Best For Winter)
  • Alpinestars Sektor Vented Shoes (Best For Summer)
  • Alpinestars Toucan Gore-Tex Boots (Best For Protection)
  • Highway 21 Axle Shoes (Best Budget)
  • TCX Mood Gore-Tex Shoes (Best casual)

TCX Hero WP Motorcycle Boots

Overall best

We decided on TCX’s Hero WP Motorcycle boots because they’re the ideal combination for most riders. TCX has created an affordable pair of boots that look sexy, provide quality protection, will last you years, and are made of quality leather and real stitching. Plus all the extra features they include, as we’ll discuss below. 

TCX’s build quality is top notch, made of premium leather, which means this boot will last you several years. You’ll also notice the stitching, which improves longevity and means the boot will be tough to come apart. And if they eventually do come apart, you can always take them to a cobbler and have them re-stitched. 

Another plus of stitched boots is that extreme weather won’t cause them to fall apart, unlike glued boots that will quickly come apart from the rain, the cold, or excessive heat. 

For aesthetics, I think these boots are self explanatory. Nothing beats the slick leather look with the long button-up laces. TCX has gone for a Doc Marten style, Doc martens level of durability too. The whole build, plus the zipper and long laces give these boots a unique style most other motorcycle boots lack, Overall the TCX Hero WP was one of the coolest pairs we considered. 

What won me over that many other alternatives lacked was the unique features TCX boots are known for. They use ‘CFS Comfort-Fit System’, which means the boot is produced around a mold almost identical to a human foot, meaning it’s super comfortable in the beginning, even though it’s a leather boot. 

Some other neat comfort features include the extended lacing, a leather zipper stay, and a Velcro closure at the top of the boot. All these features combined give you a super comfy fit that should make these boots feel extra snug. 

There’s also waterproof lining that a lot of classic leather boots do without, this means riding in the rain won’t be a problem, unless it’s a torrential downpour, then you might want to find some cover, but for the most part, a waterproof lining will do the job just fine.

 You’ll also notice there’s a leather shift pad just in front of the toes. This should help with shifting and gear changes by giving that extra bit of grip on the top of the boot. 

Overall I couldn’t find a pair of boots that provide better value for money, these TCX’s boots aren’t expensive, and you can expect them to last a heck of a long time.

  • Waterproof lining
  • Affordable
  • Excellent value for money
  • Ankle reinforcement
  • Leather shift pad
  • Excellent grip
  • Anatomic insole
  • Sole construction uses stitched welt soles
  • Toe and heel counter provide quality support
  • CFS Comfort Fit System makes the boot super comfy
  • Excellent protection
  • Top-notch build quality
  • Very cool looking
  • High wear-resistant
  • Full-grain leather upper main construction
  • Should last several years
  • Overwhelmingly positive customer reviews
  • CE Certified
  • Some riders dislike such large boots
  • Not ideal for freezing cold weather (See our winter option)
  • Not ideal for torrential climates with lots of rain (See our wet weather option)

Gaerne Balance Oiled Motorcycle Boots

Best For Winter

For those who live in colder climates, finding a pair of Motorcycle boots that insulate your feet and lower legs, prevent the wet and rain from seeping through, and provide quality protection at an affordable price isn’t always easy. Luckily Gaerne has managed with their Balance Oiled Motorcycle boots.

Gaerne added a waterproof gator at the top of the boot with a velcro closure to keep the top of the boot snug and tight. This means water shouldn’t seep in through the tops of the boot if you’re riding through heavy rain.

Gaerne uses oiled leather with a nourishing treatment that makes it especially effective against the wet and cold. It’s so effective because the leather contains an oil content of over 15% of its body weight, meaning these boots will be a little heavier than your standard pair and far more effective against the wet and cold.

Gaerne has also added a breathable waterproof membrane. This helps prevent water seeping through the seams and the stitching and keeps the boot breathable if the weather warms up.

The boot also has a rubber sole, which means it will be more comfortable when you first try it on, it’ll mold to your foot and become comfier with time. This rubber also helps you feel the boot more efficiently than feeling like a block on your foot. This should make changing gears more fluid and give you a better feel of the back brakes pedal.

While these motorcycle boots offer excellent protection simply because of the high quality leather and stitching they use, there are other protective features such as additional shin protection and the hard plastic buckles that will take the brunt of a high-speed impact.

  • Fully Waterproof Thanks to Membrane and oiled leather
  • Gaerne Drytech membrane liner
  • Gum rubber sole improves control and comfort
  • Overwhelmingly positive customer reviews
  • Excellent grip
  • Metal adjustable buckle
  • Waterproof gator
  • Shin protection
  • Ideal for trial and dual sport riding in the rain
  • Could do with better aesthetics
  • A little expensive

Alpinestars Sektor Vented Motorcycle Boots

Best For Summer

As someone who rides in a hot climate, I understand the importance of gear that provides adequate airflow and ventilation, even if the added breathability comes at the cost of protection. I’ve decided on Alpinestars Sektor Vented Shoes. This recommendation is only for riders who live in sweltering climates where the standard motorcycle boots make riding uncomfortable.

While black attracts the most heat, finding a pair of motorcycle boots that isn’t the color black is rather tricky, but Alpinestars makes up for this with perforated mesh throughout the boot; you’ll notice this mesh under and around the lacing and on the heel area as well. 

All this perforated mesh means the wind can easily flow through the boot, keep your feet cool, and allow your feet to breathe properly, which makes excessive sweating almost impossible. 

The boot uses microfiber, which is exceptionally lightweight and comfortable, but more importantly, it’s an excellent material for breathability and abrasion resistance. This means your feet stay cool, and if you come off your bike and begin sliding, your feet will be protected too. 

For Alpinestars Sectors, you’ll notice little perforations around the boot and also a metallic mesh vent; these features all contribute to the excellent breathability that will keep your feet cool no matter how high the temperature gets. 

Alpinestars Sektor Vented Shoes stood out from their competition because they’re actually CE Certified, which is surprising as you would expect all this airflow and ventilation would come at the cost of protection. Still, they actually don’t, as we’re about to find out. 

Firstly, these boots have 3D dimensional ankle protection and snug straps to keep them on tight. Lastly, polymer protection surrounds the ankles to help with abrasion resistance. In the case of a slide, your ankles will be protected as long as the boot is securely fastened. 

In the case of a high speed crash, the areas of the foot that are often damaged are around the toes and also the heel, so Alpinestars have added a protective toe box to improve impact protection and a heel counter that is a tiny insert that helps support, but more importantly provides improved impact and abrasion resistance. 

In terms of protection, if a pair of motorcycle boots are CE Certified, you can have confidence in their quality and level of protection. 

I’ll also briefly touch on comfort as I found Alpinestars Sektor was not too bulky. You can wear them around casually as they’re super comfortable and don’t need to be broken in as they’re made from synthetics and not leather. 

Some features that make these boots extra comfy are that they’ve got quality lacing and the strap plus the 3D ankle design makes them fit very well. The upper construction of microfiber is a nice plus that these boots are lightweight and improve maneuverability while riding.

  • Top of boot is microfiber which is superbly lightweight and breathable
  • Awesome customer reviews
  • CE Certified
  • Excellent ankle protection
  • Well placed perforations for enhanced ventilation
  • 3D mesh improves the boots overall ventilation
  • Very lightweight pair of boot
  • metallic mesh vent helps airflow
  • Microfibre protection excellent for abrasion resistance
  • Suitable also for walking and everyday use
  • Ankle protection
  • Affordable
  • Heel protection
  • Snug fit
  • Ventilation through the front and back of boot so wind flows through it
  • Better alternatives in the case of a high impact crash
  • Leather alternatives do have better abrasion resistance.improve

Alpinestars Toucan Gore-Tex Boots

Best For Protection

Alpinestars Toucan Gore-Tex Motorcycle Boots provide outstanding protection, and if I were in a high speed crash, I would want to be wearing this pair of boots.

Alpinestars outperformed every other boot we researched and tested, they’re CE-certified boots that incorporate Leather, Suede, and Gore-Tex for excellent abrasion, impact, and shock resistance, not to mention they’re waterproof too.

The heel is protected by internal TPU layers and molded external protector. Other key impact areas, such as the toe box, have enhancing supports installed. This means in the case of a high speed crash, parts of your feet and lower legs that most often take the most significant impact will receive extra protection. The area around the front of your foot and toes receives even more protection with coated leather panels to improve abrasion resistance and keep away the elements.

A Contoured polymer shin guard prevents hurting your shins which can be easily hit when you drop your bike on in a low-speed crash. While the damage might not be severe, it will hurt like hell. Nonetheless, these guards will also help with the forward and back support of your feet, which will help with keeping your foot in decent shape after a day of riding.

While I haven’t had the chance to make Alpinestars Toucan Gore-Tex Motorcycle Boots my regular pair, the vast majority of reviews are excellent and verify its longevity.

These boots’ longevity ist probably because of the excellent brand, quality stitching, and other features such as the sole construction with integrated steel and a waterproof GTX liner, making it harder for moisture to damage seams and stitching of the boot.

Lastly, you want a pair of boots that fit snug and aren’t uncomfortable to wear when walking or riding. The Toucan’s unique adjustable buckle design means these boots can be tightened to the point that makes them snug and attaches themselves comfortably to your foot.

Alpinestars has also added Advanced instep and Achilles’ accordion flex zones. What this means is that areas where your foot moves the most when riding there are specially made flexible zones, so it’s more comfortable and also gives you more dexterity and control while you ride while still maintaining quality protection.

Other comfort and control features include the stamped calf suede panel, which will help you grip the sides of your motorcycle and provide a little extra protection. On the topic of the calf, one common problem with motorcycle boots is getting the boot to fit your upper leg properly.

Alpinestars have solved the issue of poor upper leg fitment with their velcro closure at the top of the boot, which allows adjustments based on the size of your calf. If you’ve got small legs, these boots still fit snugly, but if you work legs in the gym, it gives you room to grow as well.

  • Incorporates full leather and suede
  • Gore-Tex Membrane
  • Excellent ankle protection
  • Buckle closure
  • Fully Ce-Certified Boot
  • TPU protection layer covers the internal heel
  • By far the best protection of any motorcycle boot
  • Coated leather panel around the toes and front of the foot
  • Molded external protector around the heel
  • Contoured polymer shin guard
  • Overwhelmingly positive customer reviews
  • Buckle design helps for a snug fit and comfort
  • Expensive
  • Bulky
  • Heavy on your foot, not ideal for walking

Highway 21 Axle Shoes

Best Budget

Motorcycle riding is an expensive hobby, and boots are one of the first things a rider short on cash will skimp out on. Because of this, I wanted to recommend a pair of boots that provide excellent protection without breaking the bank.

Highway 21’s Axle boots have reinforcement around the toe and heel. Helping with impact protection, so if you come off, these vital areas of your foot won’t be badly damaged. While they’re hard to distinguish, there are also ankle protectors, which are a must for any motorcycle boots. These ankle protectors significantly improve abrasion resistance and impact protection, meaning your ankle bones will stay safe and sound.

While Highway 21 Axle boots lack the protective features more expensive alternatives offer, they cover the most critical parts of your foot, which arguably, is all you need.

These boots fall into the more casual category so that you can wear them all day long, and they’re pretty comfortable to walk around in. While these boots aren’t waterproof and lack a lining, there are still boots, so even if they get wet, your feet will stay dry.

These boots outperform more expensive options in aesthetics; Highway 21 has a simple design that looks similar to a pair of vans. I like the golden yellow lip at the top of the shoe, the same color as the bottom heel. Personally, this is my favorite style of motorcycle boots.

While I haven’t worn these boots for years, customer reviews are overwhelmingly positive, saying their longevity is excellent, holding the shoes they feel like sturdy and of quality. They are also stitched together, which is an excellent sign.

  • Very affordable
  • Overwhelmingly positive customer reviews
  • Good Ankle protection
  • Decent Heel protection
  • Awesome style
  • Cool casual style
  • Crush resistant sole
  • Dual-density ankle protectors
  • Reinforced toe and heel boxes
  • Quality toe and heel protection
  • Not fully waterproof
  • More expensive options have better protection
  • It only uses laces, compared to most boots, its fitment isn’t as good
  • Some customers complain of being too warm in the summer

TCX Mood Gore-Tex Shoes

Best Casual

TCX’s Mood Gore-Tex shoes are by far the best pair of boots for more casual use. They’re comfortable to walk in, have a terrific aesthetic, and riding with them also feels great. Most importantly, they provide excellent protection and are waterproof too.

While these boots might have a casual style, their features and protection are anything but casual. Full-grain leather means excellent abrasion resistance, which means if you come off your bike, your skin will be fully protected.

The casual look is clean and simplistic, but it hides protective features built within the boot. These include toe and heel reinforcements that improve impact protection and Malleolus Reinforcements that will prevent serious damage to your feet and ankles. TCX has also included more ankle protection with Malleolus Reinforcements. This means there’s more support and protection for your ankles and at the top of the foot.

The TCX mood is made from real leather and only uses quality stitching, so you can expect this boot to last a seriously long time. While I’ve only used these boots for a few days, customer reviews verify the quality, and if you read the comments, they say it lasts years. I’m confident in the longevity of these boots as they are not glued together but rather use internal stitching.

There’s also a Gore-Tex liner which makes the TCX Mood Boots fully waterproof, but more importantly, the liner around the seams means it’s harder for the wet and rain to damage stitching that can cause the boot to come apart more easily.

A nice plus is this is pair of four-season pair of boots. The breathable gore-tex waterproof lining means there will still be airflow in hotter climates and fully waterproof when it begins to rain. This means riding in any weather condition will be pleasant and comfortable, but for those who live in more extreme climates, you won’t need to own two pairs of boots like some riders do, including myself.

Lastly, in terms of comfort and some other minor features, these motorcycle boots will take a couple of days to break in as they’re made from high quality leather. They’re also produced using what’s called FS Comfort design which is unique to TCX. This means the boot is produced around an almost exact mold of a human foot, meaning it will feel better in the beginning and mold to your foot more easily.

Overall, I loved TCX Mood Gore-Tex motorcycle boots. While they lack some protective features, they’re the perfect casual shoe that still provides adequate protection and comfort without breaking the bank.

  • Waterproof
  • Terrific vintage aesthetic
  • Excellent abrasion resistance
  • Shock
  • Ankle protection
  • Four season boot
  • Shin protection
  • Gore-Tex lining
  • Quality stitching
  • Toe and heel reinforcements
  • Special CFS Comfort design
  • Full grain leather
  • Don’t protect the lower leg and calf area

Top considerations when purchasing motorcycle boots

Now that we’ve covered our top recommendations for the best motorcycle boots, it’s time we explain what you should be considering and how we decided on the suggestions above.

The following considerations should guide you precisely to the perfect motorcycle boots for you because you’ve got to consider some nuances, such as the climate you ride in? The type of rider you are? Also, your budget and the type and style of boots that are right for you.


What type of climate are you going to be riding in? If you live in a place with more extreme weather conditions, it’s recommended you own two pairs of motorcycle boots if you plan to ride all year round.

For example, if you live in a climate that gets scorching hot, your standard four-season boots will still get too hot, and you’re much better off picking a pair that’s explicitly designed for hotter climates.

Similarly, suppose you ride in wet climates that experience something like torrential rain, again. In that case, you’re better off with a pair of motorcycle boots designed for the wet that, no matter what, won’t allow moisture to get inside the boot.

Most riders won’t live in these extreme climates, so it’s recommended to pick up a pair of four season boots. They’re waterproof but also designed for breathability in the summer months.


The material of your motorcycle boots is going to come down to personal preference; generally, there’s three categories to choose from: either full leather, textile materials which include different types of textile and mesh, or a combination of the two, which results in a boot made of both leather and mesh.


The benefits of leather are that its abrasion resistance is excellent; generally, its longevity is superb and will last a very long time. You can also get leather boots repaired, either replacing worn-out soles or new stitching. Leather is also very tough, and by far has the best aesthetic. It will also mold to the rider’s foot and get super comfy after a period of time.

The downside of leather is it performs worse in adverse climates compared to textile. Leather boots can get very hot and, a lot of the time, poor airflow. Leather also can get soggy from the rain and look quite poor when wet. Leather boots will also be expensive when compared to textile boots.


In the last decade or two, textile has been growing with popularity as it has become more affordable, and its level of protection has been getting better and better. Textile makes up for all of the leather’s weaknesses. It’s excellent in the elements, from innovations like Gore-Tex lining and making boots far more breathable and cool in hot weather.

Other innovations in textile boots include Kevlar, Cordura, and Super Fabric. These new alternatives are similar to leather in terms of protection but are lighter in weight and cost a lot less.

The downsides of textile boots are that they usually have worse longevity compared to leather boots, they nearly always look worse, and I’ve never loved their aesthetic.

Hybrid: Leather and textile

Why not have both? Take the best of both materials and combine to create the ultimate motorcycle boot, this is becoming more and more common these days, and honestly, more of my favorite boots are a combination of the two.

You get a sleek aesthetic that only leather can deliver, plus an animal’s hide’s longevity and excellent abrasion resistance. Then combine that with modern technology for breathability, lightweight, and excellent protection from the elements. Then what do you know? You’ve got the ultimate pair of motorcycle boots.

Overall we recommend the hybrid option of motorcycle boots when it comes to picking materials, but also this comes down to your personal preference and what each rider prefers.


Motorcycling is one of the most expensive hobbies, and many new riders don’t have so much cash to splash, so how much should you spend on a good pair of motorcycle boots?

Generally speaking, 200 USD should get you a quality pair of boots that will last several years, although this depends on how often you use them. If you’re not using these boots for your everyday shoes, they should last a very long time.

The 200 USD mark is where you’ll find top quality brands, excellent build quality, and cool features such as waterproof lining, extra protection, and a more comfortable fit.

Although you can stoop to the 150 USD mark, where there are still decent boots available, this guide has two options around that price point that are definitely worth your money.

100 USD should be the bare minimum for motorcycle boots, you’ll begin to find cheap knockoffs on Amazon at this price point, and they generally won’t last very long, and in worse case scenarios, Come apart in a crash.

Many riders forget that it can be more affordable to buy an expensive pair of motorcycle boots, as they can last far longer than a cheaper pair that costs a fraction of the price.

Impact Protection

Impact protection is self explanatory, protecting your feet from impacts. This type of protection is meant for when you crash, especially at higher speeds. Manufacturers specifically mention the impact protection features they’ve included in their boots.

These can range from shin guards within the boot to added toe and heel protection. Generally, the more expensive the boot, the more impact protection features it’s going to include. When deciding on a new pair of boots, impact protection should be one of your top priorities.

Abrasion Resistance

In the case of a crash, there will be some sort of sliding as you fall off your bike and land on the asphalt. Abrasion resistance prevents the asphalt from grinding through your gear and reaching your skin, which will not be a pretty sight.

Leather is an excellent material for abrasion resistance which the majority of the boot is made of. Still, if you’re boots made of textile, you should double check their abrasion resistance and if it will properly hold up in a crash.

Many manufacturers will also include extra abrasion resistance features, especially for their boots made of textile and mesh. Generally, the more expensive the boot, the more abrasion resistance fa]features it will include.

Ergonomics & Comfort

While the number one priority for any motorcycle boots is safety, comfort is still important as what’s the point of riding if you’re feeling uncomfortable the entire time. If you choose the correct sizing, the issue of comfort should solve itself.

Although more expensive boots will naturally have more zips, laces, latches, and other perks to make the boots more comfortable, and as always with leather, it will take a bit of time before you break them in and the leather boot molds to your foot.

A good pair of motorcycle boots can make your ride more fluid and easier to drive the motorcycle. A rigid sole with a strong grip can make gear shits more fluid and braking more effective. What you do not want is to feel like you can’t properly feel your foot controls, resulting from a poorly designed boot or improper sizing.


Your motorcycle boots shouldn’t move around when you give your foot a wiggle, and your foot shouldn’t slip within the shoe as you walk. The boots should be snug and not tight but firmly attached to your feet.

Now, if you’re ordering online, it can be a little tricky to know if a pair of boots will adequately fit? Generally, once you own a pair of motorcycle boots, that size is universal, and you shouldn’t have a problem ordering new pairs online, as you just order the sizing of your current pair.

If it’s your first time ordering motorcycle boots, I recommend you head to your nearest motorcycle store. Now you don’t have to purchase anything; just get the correct sizing. They’ll have a Brannock device, which is that metal sliding tool placed on your feet to gauge the size of your foot.


This was a serious buying guide for the best motorcycle boots. It took a long time to put together but was well worth it. We made sure to include several choices for all the different riders out there.

Hopefully, we will cover all the questions you may have before making your decision. For the majority of riders, we recommend the TCX Hero WP Motorcycle Boots. They’re an excellent pair I’ve been using for six months now and have nothing but good things to say.

We’ve also included more buying guides below for the riders whose taste of boots is a little more specific and want some more nuanced information before they decide.

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