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Keeping chrome parts on a motorcycle looking spick and span is essential. Dull and lifeless chrome all but ruins the look of cruisers and touring motorcycles. A number of cleaning products claim to be the best but we settle for nothing but the cream of the crop.

Chemical Guys chrome polush has been a fan favorite among professional detailers and amateurs alike. It comes as no surprise that their Heavy Metal Polish Restorer and Protectant works so well in most every scenario. The polish revitalizes old chrome and works even on other metal surfaces, making it the go-to choice for all your polishing needs.

Other brands such as Cycle Care and Blue Magic also offer great products albeit at different price points. Read on to find the one best suited for your motorcycle exhaust.

Chemical Heavy Metal Polish Restorer and Protectant

Overall best chrome polish

What makes the ‘Chemical Guys Heavy Metal Polish’ easily recommendable is the long list of uses and benefits. Not only will this polish breathe new life into your bike’s chrome features, it will also work to rejuvenate other metal surfaces.

‘Heavy Metal’ removes contaminants while simultaneously improving the gloss and shine of your exhaust. The company’s micro polishing formula employs advanced protection polymers that work at the microscopic level to lift grime and replace it with a protective layer. We used on our Ninja 300 exhaust and the end product looked brand new. 

Plus, it has the added benefit of being usable for stainless steel, so it can brighten up exhausts on other bikes as well. Despite the name, the compound itself is not too dense and is fairly easy to buff out with even a clean towel or microfiber cloth.

‘Heavy Metal’ completely transforms old chrome to near factory spec. However, if your chrome has excessive oxidation and ‘pitting’, even this reliable chrome exhaust polish may not suffice. It works flawlessly for the vast majority of cases, but heavy pitting and deeply ingrained contaminants may persist even after multiple passes.

 That said, we have yet to encounter another polish that works in basically every situation and yields such fantastic results.


  • Works on many metallic surfaces
  • Easy application and buffing
  • Produces a mirror shine
  • Versatile


  • Not ideal for deeper pitting

Cycle Care Formula M Chrome

Best premium chrome polish

Cycle Care is known for making premium quality motorcycle cleaning products.They are renowned in the segment for using modern production methods for optimum results. In fact, they are often the first choice for professional detailers. 

The ‘Formula M Chrome/Aluminium Polish’ from Cycle Care is one of the best chrome polishes you could apply to your motorcycle exhaust. Attention to detail is the main feature of this polish. As such, ‘Formula M Polish’ comes free from pumice and grit, meaning you can avoid even microscopic scratches that these abrasive particles would otherwise have caused. This is one polish you can rest assured won’t scratch the billet and chrome parts on your bike.

If you want a polish made specifically for chrome and aluminium, ‘Formula M’ is hard to beat. It applies a protective layer over metallic surfaces that resists future corrosion and dulling. This polish also works as a sealant that prevents moisture and large dirt particles from wreaking havoc on your shiny chrome and aluminium exhaust pipes. That means you don’t need an entire cupboard full of products. ‘Formula M’ alone can yield astounding results and leave your exhausts looking pristine.

As mentioned before, this is a professional grade product, meaning it will require a little extra elbow grease and time to properly utilize. A buffing machine and soft pads will come in handy with this product. You may even have to remove heavy oxidation with some light sandpaper before you use the polish but it will definitely be worth the wait as ‘Formula M’ cleans and protects chrome like no other product on the market!


  • Premium quality
  • Used by professionals
  • Pumice, grit free to reduce scratching
  • Leaves a protective layer around chrome
  • Highest gloss factor


  • Requires bit more effort to buff out
  • Not ideal for first timers

Blue Magic Chrome Polish Cream

Best budget chrome polish

‘BlueMagic Metal Polish Cream’ is a jack-of-all-trades polish that can be used on basically any metal surface, works surprisingly well for chrome motorcycle exhausts, that too without costing an arm and a leg.

‘BlueMagic Metal Polish Cream’ is an all-purpose metal polish that should be a staple of any garage drawer. It works to revive brass, silver, copper, stainless steel, gold, and yes, chrome to their original glory. It is a non-abrasive cream that is ideal for removing oxidation from all metal household items, including chrome motorcycle exhausts.

BlueMagic is easy to use and can be used alongside equipment such as buffers and polishers for even better results. It buffs out large contaminants and even small particles that embed themselves into the chrome, making it glimmer as if it were brand new. Moreover, it has amazing protective qualities that you just don’t see with any other product at this price point.

A budget friendly option, BlueMagic is made even more appealing by its quick and effective results. In our experience, the compound does tend to dry quite fast, so be sure to buff it out with a clean towel or microfiber cloth before it gets unmanageable.

One slight problem we faced was the strong odor this product gives off. Using ammonia as one of the main active ingredients, BlueMagic certainly gets the job done. But that same ammonia gives off a pungent smell that can quickly become unbearable in close quarters. So move your motorcycle out onto the driveway before you get started.

All in all, ‘BlueMagic Metal Polish Cream’ is the best budget chrome polish.


  • Cheap and affordable
  • Suitable for basically any metallic surface
  • Long lasting protection from oxidation
  • Also usable on fiberglass


  • Gives off very strong ammonia smell
  • Quick to dry
  • Become very hard if left on for long periods
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