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The GSXR-750 is genre-defining. But using the stock exhaust means you’re barely scratching the surface of the bike’s true potential. 

As such, even a slip-on can drastically improve the sound and performance. Akrapovic offers the most balanced package of the systems we’ve tested, with others biting at its heels. 

Let’s take a look at some of the most advanced exhausts for the Suzuki GSXR-750. 

Why we’re only recommending Revzilla for this specific guide

Due to the popularity of this bike, there has been an influx of some very convincing knock-offs, making it exceedingly hard to vouch for the product’s authenticity. Marketplaces like A are especially susceptible to advertising fake products and unscrupulous sellers. To provide our readers with the best experience, we would only recommend Revzilla for all your GSXR-750 exhaust needs.

Best Suzuki GSXR-750 slip-on exhausts

Akrapovic Slip-On Exhauss

Overall best slip on exhaust

The Akrapovic is our top choice of exhaust for the GSXR-750. It uses premium materials like carbon fiber and titanium, has a distinct high pitched sound that every sportbike rider will appreciate, and improves your bike’s power to weight ratio by adding horsepower and reducing weight. The result? A bike that is faster, more agile and of course, louder. Few slip-ons sound quite like the ‘Akra’. At idle, it is at a constant roar, heavy and commanding. At full tilt, it is a masochistic wail, more terrifying with each increment of the tach.

There is a saying that every Akrapovic costs twice as much as is advertised; half to cover the exhaust, half to cover all the noise violation tickets you’ll get!  Akrapovic exhausts are built especially for the bike they’ll be adorning, ensuring superior fit and finish. The use of titanium and carbon fiber makes for a high-end product that is both functional and good-looking.  Now, let’s touch on power figures. While most data on the internet is anecdotal, we have performed extensive testing on these exhausts. Realistically, an exhaust can only unlock the dormant power already present. That said, the Akrapovic slip-on really impressed us. On the dyno, the bike was outputting 3-5HP over stock. But for a simple slip on, even a couple more horsepower at the wheel is commendable.  These power gains are noticeable not only down low but all throughout the rev range. The addition of the exhaust improved the throttle response and gave the bike a lot more character, making it our top pick.Check price now Pros 

  • Premium materials like carbon fiber and titanium used
  • Jaw-dropping sound
  • Decent power gains
  • Bespoke design for GSXR-750
  • Industry leading build quality


  • May require fuel controller for best results

Hotbodies Racing MGP2 Slip-On Exhaust

Best budget slip on exhaust

Hotbodies throws their hat in the ring with the ‘Hotbodies Racing MGP2 Slip-On’ for the GSXR-750. This is a smaller, lighter, slip-on style exhaust inspired by MotoGP. It is tremendously loud, saves quite a bit of weight, and adds a lot of style to your 750, all without breaking the bank.

The headlining feature of this exhaust is its simplicity. Simple design, easy installation, and of course, low price. But don’t let the unassuming MGP2 fool you though. This puppy packs a serious punch. Its exhaust note is reminiscent of a volcanic eruption, sudden and calamitous. Every crack of the throttle splits the air with a resounding shriek. It is the perfect companion to the GSXR’s razor sharp performance.

The MGP2 is perhaps the most straightforward exhaust install we’ve ever done. It bolts right on in the stock exhaust’s place and requires zero modifications or hassle to get up and running. Furthermore, it saves a bit of space on the bike, making it look leaner and track-focused. 

Looks aside, the MGP2 also improves performance…sort of. While our dyno test did not show any appreciable change in power output, our track day with the MGP2 was a different story. Riders were noticeably quicker around the test circuit, owing to the bike’s reduced weight and improved dynamics. In the end, we were able to achieve slightly better lap times, with the bike performing flawlessly. 

But really, the most significant difference for track use was just how much more enjoyable our run was. The sound that this exhaust makes meant every time we came out of a corner, the smile on our faces was a mile wide! 

Check price now


  • Premium materials like carbon fiber and titanium used
  • Good sound
  • Decent power gains
  • Bespoke design for GSXR-750
  • Industry leading build quality


  • May require fuel controller for best results

Yoshimura R77 Race Exhaust System

Best premium slip on exhaust

If you’re trying to extract every bit of power from your engine, Yoshimura has the perfect exhaust for you. Their ‘R77 Race Exhaust’ earns its name with race-bred technology and design and a sublime exhaust note perfect for use both on and off-road.   The R77 has a lot of benefits for your bike. This exhaust extracts every bit of sound from the engine. Lightweight materials keep your bike lean. The free flowing design gives you a nice power upgrade. The result? A lighter, more powerful motorcycle that will decimate the competition. The sound from this muffler is a bit more refined than something like the Hotbodies MGP2. However, it is a massive improvement over the relatively quiet stock pipe. The trapezoidal shape allows the R77 to produce a unique exhaust note and add some new lines to the bike’s design.  But the R77 is all about performance. And boy, does it deliver. Of all the slip-ons we tested, this one came with the most significant power gains, which are definitely noticeable on track. We were able to improve lap times significantly with the newly unlocked power. But unlike other track focused exhausts, this one isn’t annoyingly loud and obnoxious on the street, making it perfect for folks who like to ride their bikes to and from the racetrack.  Pros 

  • Unique design
  • Most power gains of any slip-on
  • Impressive sound 
  • Reduces weight of bike
  • Makes the bike more agile 
  • Improved low end torque makes everyday riding easier


  • Can be quite expensive
  • May not be legal for street use in some regions

Best Suzuki GSXR 750 full system exhausts

Two Brothers M2 Black Series Exhaust System

Overall best and #1 recommendation

An entire exhaust system is to slip-ons what a chainsaw is to an axe. Both do the same task, but at wildly different levels. And no full system for the GSXR-750 has yet to match the Two Brothers M2 Black Series. 
Put simply, a full exhaust system allows for the best flow of exhaust gases out of the engine. This improves performance dramatically. But not all full systems are built equal. Not all use premium stainless steel and construction like the M2 to decrease the weight of the bike. 
Few have the same attention to detail and complicated design. And fewer still are explicitly made for the GSXR-750. Meaning the M2 and the GSXR-750 are a match made in heaven. 
And what a match it is! The M2 sports a dark theme that is seen from header to endcap. It is one of the most capable systems you could put on your bike, and it looks the part. 
Speaking of capable, the M2 impressed us with its insane exhaust note and performance. Our testing showed a massive power upgrade, almost more prominent than all of the other slip-ons combined. The real world performance was also excellent. 
We clocked in our best times (by a wide margin) while running the M2. Thanks to the considerably less weight, the bike never felt so responsive and effortless to ride as it did with the M2. And the sound! Only a full exhaust system could produce something so exquisite. 
In a nutshell, if you want to supercharge your track days and have a blast, a slip-on is plenty. But if you want to crush the competition and leave them in the dust, the M2 is what you should be considering.
Check price here 


  • Most power gains of any full system
  • Awesome sound 
  • Noticeable weight savings
  • Cool, blacked out theme
  • Best option for track use 


  • Full systems can be quite expensive 
  • Requires decent experience to install properly
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