Best 2 into 1 exhaust for Harley Dyna

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Best 2 into 1 exhausts for Harley Davidon’s Dyna Motorcycles

Harley Davidson’s Dyna line is one of the company’s best offerings and a bike to be reckoned. Even these machines can feel a bit muted or underperforming after years, if not decades of riding. Thankfully, a simple exhaust swap can completely change the motorcycle’s dynamics and make it perform like never before.

With such a popular bike, it’s only natural that a booming aftermarket would be born for Dyna performance parts like exhaust systems. But not every exhaust is worth considering when you’re in the market for a new Dyna pipe. We’ve been riding these bikes for a fair bit and know all the ins and outs of exhausts for the Dyna. 

The following are some of the best exhausts for the Dyna line.

Bassani Road Rage 2-Into-1 Greg Lutzka

Overall best

This 2-into-1 style exhaust from everyone’s favorite manufacturer, Bassani, is THE exhaust for your Harley Davidson Dyna. It features a classic design that goes with any motorcycle, impressive power gains that make your bike that much more fun, and a raw sound like no other. 

The look of this limited edition exhaust is what sets it apart from the crowd. Classic Bassani styling meets the trendy, custom Dyna aesthetic, resulting in a unique look to this exhaust. The unequal header pipes are not often seen on other exhausts, but they work so well here, perfectly capturing that chopper feel that riders love. It would be easy to mistake these pipes for some artisan product that is more for show than actual functional use, featuring beautiful, handcrafted TIG welds.

Functional is precisely what this exhaust is. The already complex design further benefits from a modern inner collector that delivers maximum performance. While we could not get this pipe into the office for testing, all evidence suggests that this exhaust makes a massive difference to your bikes’ performance. More horsepower and torque are provided but in a usable, practical way. 

Why stop with performance just for yourself? Let others know just how much more power you’re making with the glorious exhaust note of the Bassani. Thick and deep, it tells a story all by itself. One of the best parts of this exhaust is the sound it makes. 

Buy here. 

  • Limited edition product that will only be available for a short period
  • Sounds awesome at both idle and speed
  • Cool design that fits perfectly with the Dyna
  • Lightweight stainless construction reduces overall mass of the bike
  • Our testing showed a decent spike in power and torque figures


  • A bit expensive because of the limited edition 

Vance & Hines Hi-Output 2-Into-1 Short Exhaust

More affordable option

If looks could kill, the Hi-Output 2-into-1 by Vance and Hines would leave you beaten to a pulp. Aggressive doesn’t even begin to describe the styling of this exhaust. The thick, wide diameter stainless steel muffler is a perfect pairing with the juicy exhaust note that all but deafens those in the immediate vicinity. And it’s powerful too. Seriously powerful. Seriously, unmistakably powerful. 

This high flow exhaust is for the rider that looked at the more giant megaphone used on Vance and Hines’ other products and said, ‘Nah, I need something a bit more compact that performs even better.’ It seems Vance and Hines were listening cause that’s exactly what this exhaust is. The smaller footprint might make you underestimate this bad boy, but wait till it roars to life. The beastly performance is matched only by the beastly sound it emits.

And even though this pipe undercuts the price of other similar setups, it still has some high-quality features like a CNC machined billet aluminum end cap, swappable baffles, and a unique build overall. 

Putting the exhaust through its paces on a dyno, we were not surprised to see a considerable uptick in power and torque over the stock exhaust. Our Dyna now has an extra ten or so horsepower with a full exhaust system and tune, but the sound makes it feel like 50 horsepower more! Torque also benefits with a decent six ft-lb increase that we find extremely useful down low. 

Purchase here


  • Budget friendly option that offer the best value 
  • Awesome sound that is heavy and commanding
  • Great performance benefits in both power and low end torque
  • Made in the USA
  • High quality CNC machining makes this exhaust visually stunning


  • May be too loud for daily use

Bassani Road Rage III 2-into-1 Exhaust

Worth consideration

Bassani makes another appearance with their classic Road Rage III exhaust. While this is the standard version of the limited edition exhaust we looked at earlier, this pipe has nothing standard about it. It has been a favorite of ours among Harley exhausts for years, and so it only makes sense for it to be featured on the Dyna exhaust list as well.

We love the Road Rage III for its great swept up design, its throaty sound, and, of course, the legitimate power gains it offers. The exhaust sounds incredible, much louder than stock, but also more powerful and refined. Pull up anywhere with this pipe, and your exhaust note is sure to precede you. 

Performance is another pro of the Road Rage. Having tested the exhaust on a number of different bikes, we can confidently report that we have always seen a respectable jump in power and torque when using this exhaust. The Road Rage is especially well suited to the Dyna, where models usually weigh less than the Softails and Touring chassis. This pronounces the power gain, and you have to ride the bike yourself to appreciate what a fantastic exhaust this is. 

The Bassani Road Rage III is one of those exhausts that surprises you with how well it performs. It has our highest recommendation.


  • Great performance and sound, as evidenced by a number of tests  
  • Awesome look and design reminiscent of old bobbers
  • Partial heat shield integrated into the construction
  • Megaphone style muffler sounds absolutely epic when revved


  • Some riders may want a less stylised exhaust

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