Best Exhausts for the Triumph Bonneville T100

This is our review of the best exhausts for the Triumph Bonneville T100.

Here, we look at the performance, build quality, and, of course, the sound of various Bonneville T100 exhausts. We tested a wide variety and came up with the Top 3 best performers.

Our favorite exhaust for the Triumph Bonneville T100 is LeoVince’s GP Corsa. This weld-on muffler delivers a balanced feature set. The build is lightweight but sturdy, and you get a rowdy exhaust note that is well worth the effort of fabricating a custom mid-pipe for the T100.

We have been reviewing motorcycle accessories professionally for the last 10 years. We have tested just about every T100 exhaust out there, so rest assured that we can help you make the most worthwhile purchase decision.

Keep reading for more of our thoughts on the best exhausts for the Triumph Bonneville T100.

Best Slip On Exhaust

Akrapovic Slip-On Exhaust Triumph Bonneville T100 / T120

This Akrapovic slip-on for the Triumph Bonneville T100 might seem pricey, but you get a lot for your money. For example, you get the most premium materials for the build, a louder, bass-heavy exhaust note, and a sleek design that turns heads.

Akrapovic makes some of the most premium exhaust systems out there, and this one is no different. Stainless steel and carbon fiber were deemed too pedestrian. Instead, you get a full titanium sleeve for this muffler, which helps you save over 4 lbs of weight.

That weight reduction goes a long way towards making the Bonneville T100 more fun to ride and easier to get going. Paired with the 2 hp and 5 nm improvement in performance, this lower weight allows the Bonnie to accelerate a lot quicker. The bike felt faster and more eager to go, even on the highway.

Sound quality is through the roof, thanks to Akrapovic’s unique tuning. The sound is louder and more high-pitched but still preserves the rich quality that all Akra pipes have. This is actually our favorite exhaust note of any Triumph Bonneville T100 muffler.

The same can be said about the design. It is a slick, modern design that ironically fits Bonneville’s retro look. And because these mufflers are specifically designed for the T100, the fitment is absolutely perfect. You don’t need any aftermarket mid-pipes to install them.

  • Titanium build
  • Lightweight
  • Sleek and modern design
  • Bass-heavy sound
  • Louder than stock
  • Best performance of any T100 exhaust
  • 2 hp and 5 nm boost
  • Faster acceleration
  • Improved performance throughout the rev range
  • Made specifically for the Triumph Bonneville T100
  • No custom fab job needed
  • The most expensive exhaust on this list

Worthy Consideration

LeoVince GP Corsa Exhaust

The LeoVince GP Corsa is a universally compatible muffler. On the Bonneville T100, it offers a louder, fuller exhaust note and a decent uptick in performance figures. The whole package is pretty lightweight, so expect improved power-weight as well.

Kicking things off with the design of this pipe, we have a sleek, rounded muffler. It is larger than the stock pipe on the T100, which helps amplify the sound coming from the exhaust. It is covered in a carbon fiber sleeve, giving it a sportier look.

The combination of carbon fiber and stainless steel makes for a lightweight build. It improves the power-weight ratio of your Triumph Bonneville T100 and makes it easier to maneuver in tight spots.

You also get a decent power-up with this exhaust. Granted, it’s just a muffler, so you won’t get an astronomical bump in power. However, the free-flowing exhaust architecture does allow the engine to work more efficiently. We were treated to a smoother throttle and slightly faster acceleration with this exhaust installed. But that’s no surprise, seeing how this exhaust is derived from MotoGP and Moto2 exhausts.

The design incorporates heat-resistant fiberglass packing, which improves durability over time. We did not notice this exhaust cracking or leaking even when pushed to the limit.

Finally, the sound is louder and throatier than stock. It is a race-inspired sound that really makes a statement. The exhaust comes with a special insert that can make it a bit quieter.

You will need to get some custom fabrication work done to make this exhaust fit the Triumph Bonneville T100, but we think it’s worth it.

  • Stainless steel and carbon fiber build
  • Lightweight
  • Improved power-weight ratio
  • Easier maneuvering at low speed
  • MotoGP and Moto2 inspired exhaust
  • Free-flowing exhaust design
  • Improved throttle response
  • Better acceleration
  • Special exhaust insert for making it quieter
  • Custom fabrication necessary for the mid-pipe

Best Budget

LeoVince LV-10 Weld-On Muffler

LeoVince also has a budget-friendly exhaust for the Triumph Bonneville T100. This one has a durable, lightweight build and an even louder exhaust note than the last one. And personally, we think the design is even better.

Before we get into the design, let’s address the incredible sound of this exhaust. It is shorter than the last one, which means it’s louder. But that’s not all. The sound is more beefy and high-pitched, perfect for making your Bonneville T100 sound more powerful and aggressive.

Not that it’ll need any help! The high-flowing design of this exhaust means you get a decent boost in power. Our Bonneville T100 seemed more agile in testing, and the engine felt peppier. We suspect the lightweight build has something to do with this.

Stainless steel is used throughout the build, helping this exhaust hold up better to abuse. The TIG welds look nicer than regular and hold up better to the extreme heat and pressure of the exhaust gasses.

As for the design, it has to be one of the most attractive in this category. The matte finish looks effortlessly cool, and the mesh design on the very end gives the whole exhaust a more aggressive look. Don’t worry about the finish tarnishing over time, either. LeoVince outfitted this exhaust with a high heat resistant, ceramic-based paint that is unfazed by a bit of exhaust heat.

Again, you’ll have to get some custom mid-pipes made to fit this exhaust to your Bonneville T100, but that’s easy enough to get done.

  • Stainless steel build
  • Lightweight
  • Decent boost in power
  • Shorter muffler
  • Louder sound
  • The beefier and deeper exhaust note
  • High heat resistant, ceramic-based paint
  • Matte black finish
  • TIG welds for improved durability
  • Budget-friendly
  • Custom-made mid-pipes required

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