Best Exhausts for Indian Chieftain Motorcycles

This short review recommends the best exhausts for Indian Chieftain motorcycles. 

Our review will focus on the most important features of each exhaust, including performance, design, and the unique sound characteristics each exhaust offers. In addition to that, we also factor in real-world testing results to help paint a more complete picture. 

For most Indian Chieftain riders, Rinehart’s 4” Slip-on exhaust will provide plenty of power, impressive sound, and a classic design that you can’t go wrong with. The exhaust is also built with premium materials for added durability. 

We have been riding for over 20 years and testing motorcycle parts for 10. And while we only have limited experience with Indian motorcycles, we can spot a good exhaust from a mile away. So if you need some help choosing the best one for your bike, leave it to us. 

Keep reading for an in-depth look at the best exhausts for the Indian Chieftain.

Best Slip-On Exhaust

Rinehart 4” Slip-On Exhaust For Indian Chieftain

Rinehart’s 4” slip-on might as well be the default exhaust for the Indian Chieftain. It delivers a rowdy exhaust note, a decent boost in power, and best-in-class construction.

Kicking things off with the look of this exhaust, we have a timeless design that fits right in with the Indian Chieftain. These pipes come in chrome or black, so you can match the finish of your engine with the mufflers. And for added style, you can spec contrasting end caps with either finish.

The biggest concern with all-black finishes on motorcycle parts is long-term durability. But Rinehart is so confident in their product that they even provide a 2-year warranty.

Build quality is some of the best we’ve seen for Indian Chieftain exhausts. It uses premium materials which are durable enough to last at least the life of the bike. And they’re lightweight compared to stock, so you get some functional weight savings.

Moving on to performance, we were surprised to find that this slip-on provides a nice power-up for the Indian Chieftain. It’s still a slip-on, so don’t expect to get 10 extra horsepower or anything, but the throttle response is better. And the free-flowing exhaust design does make for a peppier-feeling exhaust overall.

As for loudness and sound quality, this exhaust blows the competition out of the water. You get a louder, beefier sound that makes the Chieftain feel more aggressive and imposing. And the best part is that you don’t need any tuning or other modifications once the pipe is fitted to the bike. Just plug and play.

  • Premium build
  • Lighter than stock
  • Improved power-weight ratio
  • Different finishes available
  • Louder, beefier sound
  • Makes the bike feel more imposing
  • Free-flowing exhaust design
  • Improves throttle response
  • No tuning necessary
  • Easy installation
  • Extended warranty
  • Design is pretty basic

Best Budget

Exhausts for Indian 2014-2022 Chieftain

This budget-friendly exhaust for the Indian Chieftain has a unique design and plenty of cool features that make this one of our favorites. The sound is also nothing to scoff at.

The first thing you notice with this exhaust is the unconventional design. It reminds us of the more expensive ‘torpedo-style’ exhausts that are all the rage these days.

The end caps have an aggressive look that is a departure from the usually restrained styling of Indian Chieftain exhausts. Again, you can find these pipes in chrome or matte black.

But you hear this exhaust way before you see it. It has a 3-stepped louvered baffle design that makes it loud. Like, seriously loud. The exhaust character is also rumbly and thumpy, just the way we like it. And the sound only gets louder when you rev the engine.

Next up, we have performance. Again, slip-ons won’t give you the most noticeable bump in power. Still, we found that you can expect slightly faster acceleration from the bike with a bit of tuning wizardry. Maybe it’s just the rowdy exhaust note that gives the impression of more power, but we’ll take it.

This Indian Chieftain’s budget price is betrayed by the less-than-premium construction. For your money, you get a pretty basic build that doesn’t use top-shelf materials. And we can’t help but feel that TIG welds would have made this exhaust look and perform a lot better.

Still, we didn’t have to put up with any exhaust leaks or cracks, even under heavy pressure and high exhaust temperature, which inspires a lot of confidence. And if all you want is an awesome-sounding exhaust for the Indian Chieftain, this one undercuts all the rest.

  • Unconventional ‘torpedo-style’ build
  • Cool end cap design
  • Available in chrome and matte black
  • Louder than stock
  • 3-stepped louvered baffle design
  • Deeper and more aggressive sound
  • Nominally better performance
  • Tuning improves performance
  • Most affordable slip-on
  • The materials used aren’t the best, but still pretty good

Premium Choice

Freedom Performance 4” Exhaust For Indian Chieftain

Our last entrant is also the best-built, most durable, and nicest looking exhaust for Indian Chieftain motorcycles. You get louder, deeper sound and a tangible boost in power. The customizable look is a nice feature that no other exhaust offers.

This Indian Chieftain exhaust screams quality. It uses the highest-grade stainless steel for the entire build, making it significantly lighter than stock. And on a heavy bike like the Chieftain, the difference is quite noticeable. The whole exhaust is also designed to be more rust-resistant.

The design is anything but subtle. You get twin rounded slip-on style exhausts that are much larger than the stock alternative. As for the finish, you can get it in chrome or black. But this is one of the most customizable slip-ons for the Indian Chieftain. Specifically, you have a choice of 3 different end cap styles. ‘Liberty’ is a pretty basic, clean end cap design. ‘Racing’ has some sleek lines that add a ‘performance-y’ vibe, while ‘Eagle’ has aggressive notches embossed in the end cap. You can spec these in chrome or black and pair them with matching or contrasting muffler bodies.

As for performance, the free-flowing exhaust architecture does make the throttle feel more responsive, but nothing that’ll help you shave milliseconds off your lap times.

The real benefit of said free-flowing design is the sound. These pipes generate a fantastic, throaty exhaust note with tons of bass. It isn’t as loud as the Rinehart pipes, but definitely deeper. It rumbles and shakes the bike when you’re sitting idle, but open up the throttle, and you’ll get an aggressive roar!

  • Premium stainless steel build
  • Lightweight
  • Rust resistant
  • Large slip-on style mufflers
  • Chrome and black finishes are available
  • 3 different end caps are available
  • Various end cap-muffler combinations
  • Improved throttle response
  • Louder exhaust note
  • More bass
  • Revving produces an aggressive exhaust sound
  • Most expensive option

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