The Best Exhausts for Indian Scout Motorcycles

This is our review of the best exhausts for Indian Scout motorcycles.

Below, we cover the build quality, performance, and perhaps most importantly, the sound of various aftermarket Indian Scout exhausts. This should give you all the information you need to decide which exhaust to get for your Indian Scout Motorcycle.

The top spot goes to Vance & Hines’ Round Twin Slash for the Indian Scout. This slip-on style exhaust features robust construction, a loud and raucous sound, and a decent power bump that makes the ride far more fun.

We have been testing and reviewing motorcycle accessories for over a decade, so suffice to say, we know a thing or two about slip-on exhausts. We hope our review can help you make a more informed buying decision.

Keep reading for more details about the best exhausts for the Indian Scout.

Overall Best

Vance & Hines 3” Round Twin Slash Slip-On Exhaust

Vance and Hines’ Round Twin Slash Slip-on for the Indian Scout delivers some of the rowdiest exhaust sounds we’ve ever heard. Add to that the robust construction and noticeable boost in power, and you have what we think is the most complete exhaust for the Indian Scout.

Let’s talk about the design of this Indian Scout exhaust. It is pretty straightforward and doesn’t have too many frills. The look is restrained and low-key but fits in quite well on the Indian Scout. The rounded slip-ons have slash-cut end caps for a bit of style, but the design is pretty subtle. And the only color options are classic chrome or a dull matte black which perfect fits the aesthetic of any motorcycle.

The real standout feature of this Indian Scout exhaust is the quality of the build. Vance & Hines went with high-grade stainless steel for the construction. The whole exhaust is built like a tank, and we did not have to deal with any exhaust leaks or cracks, even under high pressure and extreme temperatures.

We also liked the fact that these pipes have a unique ‘non-bluing’ design, so the chrome won’t discolor over time. Another cool feature is the TIG welds which improve structural integrity and just look nicer.

Speaking of ‘cool’ features, the full coverage heat shields work really well and make long journeys much more comfortable and prevents any excess heat reaching your legs.

Our testing showed that these pipes provide improved backpressure, enhancing the performance. Paired with the lower weight of stainless steel, this should improve your Indian Scout’s power to weight ratio.

In fact, we were impressed by the performance of this Indian Scout exhaust. It woke up the Scout’s engine and unlocked some hidden power and torque. The result was smoother, peppier throttle response, faster acceleration, and better handling.

While this slip-on improves the bike’s performance, we recommend pairing them with aftermarket headers to get even more power.

Finally, we have to talk about the incredible acoustics of these Indian Scout exhausts. Suffice to say, these pipes are the complete package for sound. They are significantly louder than stock, but they also have a deeper, meaner sound.

At idle, the sound is rumbly and imposing. One twist of the throttle, and you get an aggressive growl from the engine that is unlike anything stock mufflers could offer. The louvered core baffles are a nice addition and make the Scout sing! And if the sound proves to be too much, you can add Vance & Hines’ quiet baffle to lower the volume.

  • Stainless steel construction
  • Lightweight build
  • Comes in chrome and black
  • TIG welds
  • Better backpressure
  • Improved performance
  • Non-bluing finish
  • Comes with a full-coverage heat shield
  • Loud and powerful sounding exhaust
  • Deep and throaty sound
  • Improved throttle response
  • Faster acceleration
  • Easy to install
  • The design is a bit low key

Worthy Consideration

Bassani 3” Exhaust For Indian Scout

Bassani throws their hat in the ring with their 3” exhaust made specifically for the Indian Scout. For your money, you get a free-flowing exhaust that boosts power, a well-built pipe that is more durable than stock, and an eargasmic exhaust note.

As with most Bassani pipes, this one for Indian Scout is all about the sound. Suffice to say that this is our favorite exhaust note of any exhaust on this list. It is a deep and thumpy sound that fits nicely with the Indian Scout’s bruiser-cruiser look.

And it’s loud too! In fact, it is a good couple dBs louder than the other two pipes. If you want your Indian Scout to be heard for miles around, just slap this exhaust on and get earplugs! The sound character also changes when you are out on the road. When you twist the throttle, the thumpy rumble is replaced by a crisp and full exhaust note.

But what about the rest of the exhaust? We liked the construction, which makes liberal use of 16-gauge steel. The result is a lightweight yet sturdy exhaust for your Indian Scout. In fact, we found that the lower weight makes it a lot easier to maneuver the bike in tight spaces. Besides that, the whole package is pretty durable. No leaks or cracks to report.

This Indian Scout exhaust also has some performance benefits. The free-flowing design is perfect for adding more ‘oomph!’ without major modifications to the bike. We were treated to a more responsive throttle, easier merging on the highway, and just a smoother ride overall.

That said, we were disappointed by the somewhat awkward styling of the Bassani 3. Maybe we’re being too harsh on it, but it just seems a bit uninspired and basic. Still, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so your mileage may vary. At least you can choose from chrome or powder-coated black for the finish.

Finally, you get a removable baffle design that lets you extract every bit of sound from the exhaust. Or you can leave them on, ensuring your bike complies with local laws. Personally, we would just risk the ticket and ride with a sweet, rumbly soundtrack!

  • 16-gauge steel construction
  • Lightweight
  • More durable than stock
  • Deep, rumbly exhaust note
  • Louder than stock
  • Free-flowing design
  • Better performance
  • Bike is quicker to accelerate
  • Extra low-end torque
  • Better throttle response
  • Removable baffles
  • Comes in chrome and black
  • Budget-friendly
  • The design is a bit generic

Best Slip On Exhaust

SHARKROAD 3 Inch Torpedo Style Black Indian Scout Exhaust

Sharkroad’s 3” Torpedo style exhaust for the Indian Scout is a stylish slip-on. It also has an epic exhaust note and provides a nice boost in power for your motorcycle.

The first thing you notice about this exhaust is its unique design. True to its name, the exhaust has a torpedo-like shape that looks really aggressive. It goes pretty well with the Scout’s retro aesthetic, and we are huge fans of the CNC machined aluminum end caps. The perforated design just adds to the menacing look of these pipes.

As for the rest of the build, you get an alloy steel construction that is pretty durable. We did not face any issues with the exhaust leaking or cracking, even when it was subjected to…ahem…unreasonably high temperatures and pressure. It is very well put together and should outlast the Indian Scout itself!

Moving on to the sound, we absolutely love the unique approach Sharkroad took. The sound is a deep roar that demands attention. You get 2.25” spiral-louvered baffles that create a rich, throaty sound. You get higher volume as well, so if you don’t mind annoying the neighbors, these are the exhausts for you.

Or, if you want to be a considerate neighbor, you can install the included baffles and quiet down the exhaust.

Sharkroad claims double-digit power gains with this exhaust installed on a tuned engine. We didn’t quite get into the double digits, but we still saw a decent uptick. Day-to-day, the bike was a lot more eager to get going. We noticed a distinct difference in the throttle response and roll-on of the bike with this exhaust installed.

Despite all that, it has some drawbacks. There are no integrated heat shields, and the chrome pipe is susceptible to bluing, which is why we chose the matte black version.

Lastly, we have to commend the quick and easy installation process. All of the necessary mounting hardware is provided in the box. The instructions are precise and clear. We did not need more than 30 minutes to have the thing fully installed and ready to go.

  • Alloy steel build
  • Durable and sturdy
  • Unique styling
  • Impressive sound
  • Loud and powerful
  • Deep exhaust note
  • Better throttle response
  • Improved acceleration
  • Removable baffles can be used to quiet the exhaust down
  • Comes in either chrome or black
  • CNC machined aluminum end caps
  • Comes with all the necessary mounting hardware in the box
  • Quick and easy installation
  • No heat shields included

Overall Best

Freedom Performance Exhaust Radical Radius Crossover

Freedom Performance really went the extra mile with this Indian Scout exhaust. It is one of the most durable we’ve tested and one of the most powerful. The unique design and sound help your bike stand out, while the enhanced performance makes it more fun to ride.

The build quality of this Indian Scout exhaust is through the roof. It uses high-quality stainless steel for added durability and resistance to exhaust heat and pressure. The design is also sleek and modern, with plenty of customization options for the finish. Chrome with black tips, black with chrome tips, or just one solid color, you name it!

With ‘performance’ in the name, we were expecting this Indian Scout exhaust to be powerful, but it still managed to surprise us. The free-flowing exhaust architecture improves power output by a couple horsepower, which is quite noticeable.

On the highway, the Indian Scout passed vehicles and merged lanes effortlessly. Off the line, the bike felt less hampered, thanks to a lightweight exhaust build and more power. You can expect faster acceleration, smoother throttle response, and a more fun riding experience.

As for the sound, we think you’ll like the louder, fuller-sounding exhaust note. It is a crisp, bass-heavy sound that brings out the Indian Scout’s aggressive side. Freedom Performance even gives you different baffles to choose from, whether you want low restriction or low noise baffles. The low noise ones are great if you want a slightly quieter exhaust for longer journeys.

  • Premium materials
  • Well-built and durable
  • Lightweight build
  • Numerous different finish options
  • Free-flowing exhaust
  • Better performance
  • Faster acceleration
  • Improved throttle response
  • Louder sound than stock
  • Deeper exhaust note
  • Low restriction, low noise baffles offered
  • The design may divide people

Premium Choice

Bassani 2-Into-1 Exhaust For Indian Scout

Bassani’s 2-into-1 offering for the Indian Scout breathes new life into your bike. This is the most powerful, and at least in our opinion, the best-sounding Indian Scout exhaust. Add to that the highly durable build and a laundry list of finish options, and you’ve got one hell of an awesome exhaust.

Let’s get the boring stuff out of the way. Bassani’s 2-into-1 pipe for the Indian Scout uses premium materials like stainless steel, which are lightweight and hold up really well to abuse. The pipe comes in various lengths and finishes, so feel free to mix and match to get the perfect style of pipe for your bike. Bassani also integrated heat shields into the design, so your legs don’t roast on a hot day!

Great. Now that that’s out of the way, we can discuss our favorite feature of this exhaust: its performance. Even for a 2-into-1 style pipe, this is an insanely powerful exhaust. Combined with ‘scavenging,’ the free-flowing exhaust and unique stepped header design give you more power throughout the rev range.

In fact, we got better acceleration, thanks to the enhanced low-end torque and more passing power courtesy of a couple extra HP near the middle of the rev range. Day-to-day, the Indian Scout was an absolute joy to ride. It felt peppier, more eager to get going. And the lightweight build of the short version helps improve the bike’s power-weight ratio.

As expected of a Bassani pipe, the sound of this exhaust is loud, deep, and aggressive. If you want your Indian Scout to sound beefier, this is the exhaust to have. The 2-into-1 style robs it of a few dBs, sure, but it’s still our top pick for the best-sounding Indian Scout exhaust.

  • Premium materials
  • Integrated heat shields
  • 2-into-1 design enables scavenging
  • Stepped header design
  • Improved engine response
  • Better power-weight ratio
  • Loud and beefy sound
  • More aggressive than the stock exhaust sound
  • Most expensive exhaust on this list

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